Ash vs Evil Dead: Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless drop Season 3 bombs!


As fans clamor for any news from STARZ on the start of season three of Ash vs Evil Dead, Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless tease some major plot revelations. Stay tuned because it sounds like Elk Grove is the place for the showdown to end all showdowns!

Every end has a start…….

Ash vs Evil Dead – Elk Grove -Courtesy of STARZ

Ground Zero: Elk Grove

In terrific interviews with Legion of Leia, Ash vs Evil Dead stars Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless talk season three and it sounds epic! Fans are already chomping at the bit for news from STARZ on when their favorite show will be in the rotation. After these golden disclosures, the network better act fast.

Ash is living the dream at the beginning of the season after taking over his dearly departed father Brock’s hardware store. Not so fast, everything isn’t going to be blissful according to Bruce Campbell. “It’s a rough season. It’s going well beyond Elk Grove. Some big shit’s gotta go down. It’s the ultimate good versus evil. The toll is taken. Not everyone is gonna get to the other side.”

Ash vs Evil Dead – Kelly – Courtesy of STARZ

And a Hero Shall Rise

While the mythology of the show is going to be the thrust of the storyline Lucy Lawless’ character, Ruby Knowby has some very definite ideas on Ash as the savior of the known world. According to her interview with Legion of Leia, “She has another candidate in mind. We’ll just say that.”

What? Apparently, Ruby thinks someone else is more capable than the prophesized one with the chainsaw hand.  “It’s not Ash, but I need him in order to produce a new candidate. I need a little somethin’ from him.” This definitely sounds intriguing and gets the mind spinning. What does she need from him?

Why would Ruby want to groom her own candidate? “If she doesn’t do that, Ash is going to unleash the Dark Ones. And [Ruby] will be obliterated from existence. That, as an immortal, is an enormous threat to her.” Okay. That makes sense. So, who will make the short list, that is the question. In season two, it was hypothesized several times that Kelly could be the successor to Ash and that she should be the leader of the Ghostbeaters.

Who better to answer that question than the woman who believed in Kelly and her potential? Lawless’ views on Kelly taking the mantle as the Chosen One from Ash, “Good Ruby had a great gal pal relationship with her, but that’s over now. She’s embedding herself in the bosom of Ash’s family because he has something she needs.” This keeps getting better and better!

Ash vs Evil Dead – Bait -Courtesy of STARZ

The Next Generation?

Will Kelly get the chance to put her leadership skills to the test? It looks like the answer is a resounding yes! According to Campbell, “She’ll be joined by this like-minded group that will join in on the big fight. That’s going to add a new dynamic for her.”

Let’s not forget about Pablito. He really developed from an unsure, awkward guy in season one into a full-fledged tower of strength in season two. Will his newfound bravery continue? It looks like all that quality time with the Necronomicon has awakened his innate psychic abilities.

Bruce Campbell lets us in on a little secret into the character arc for his little buddy. “He’s got visions; he can see and interpret. He’s knocking on the door from being a full-on shaman now.”

Wow. It would appear that everything is on the line this year and the show will be impressive in its scope!  The ball is in STARZ court. In the meantime, maybe we can holler at them to #bringbackboomstick.

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