Ash Vs Evil Dead star Ray Santiago gets his brujo on


Ray Santiago fans have been clamoring for more sweet Pablito since the end of season two. Good news! Their prayers have been answered.

The future looks epic!

We’re Coming for You

In an exclusive interview with iHorror, Ray Santiago digs deep to discuss what AVED fans can expect from season three. Rest assured in his words, “Season 3 is definitely happening. We want to make sure that we’re strategic about when we give it to our fans. They will be getting it either in the fall or early January. So don’t worry, be happy. We’re coming.”

While fans would prefer sooner rather than later just knowing that Starz wants to put the show on the schedule is reassuring. Santiago also gave a heads up that new showrunner, Mark Verheiden hassome definite changes in store.

You Gotta Have Heart

The familiar “splatstick” elements will be in place but Verheiden is also going to add a bit of heart into the mix. “Ash will struggle to be the father that he never thought he could be. For Pablo, he’s going to continue his journey to become the hero that he never thought he could be.”

Ray also eludes to the fact that the bond he shared with the Necronomicon has changed his
character of Pablo. This seems to be in line with Bruce Campbell intimating that he almost becomes shamanistic. Pablito definitely has a journey ahead of him and fans will not be disappointed.

The Final Countdown

Campbell has teased that this season is the final showdown leading fans to think maybe this is
AVED’s swan song. Not so fast, says Santiago. On whether or not the show will go into a fourth
season, “I think that it’s set up to go further, actually. I think we leave you with the best season
finale the show’s ever had. I think we do leave it in a way where it might be the final showdown
for someone that’s in the main core group of the Ghostbeaters, but it is definitely left open to
continue, that is for sure.”

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This is definitely encouraging news for AVED fans everywhere. Another burning question for
frequent viewers of the show is “will they or won’t they?” when it comes to Kelly and Pablo hooking up.

Made for Each Other

Unfortunately, Santiago can’t confirm one way or the other so that gives everyone something to look forward to! However, “This season there are perhaps a couple of characters that are introduced that sort of make Pablo and Kelly realize how much they mean to each other.”

Apparently get set for a character from the past to re-emerge. Another surprise to add to the mix.

Grab Some Kleenex

Any other teasers in store to whet fans’ appetites? “When I watched Six Feet Under’s final episode I couldn’t stop crying for, like, days. It was really intense. I think what we’ve done with that,  with our Season 3 finale, is given you something that just like, ‘Whoa. What just happened?’”

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I think it is safe to say after these revelations, season three is going to be worth waiting for!
What do you think of Ray’s revelations? Were you surprised by anything? Feel free to leave your
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