Preacher Feature: Season Two, Episode Nine – ‘Puzzle Piece’


Our weekly Preacher roundup continues with Season Two, Episode Nine – “Puzzle Piece”

Hello again my darlings, welcome back to our weekly Preacher Feature in which we review this wild and wonderful show, one episode at a time.

This week, Tulip is struggling, Denis is thriving, and the Grail gets closer than ever to the gang.

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Tensions are running high as Jesse’s hyper-focus on finding God puts him a bit out of touch. We can tell that Cassidy is getting a tired of his tirades, while Tulip is clearly struggling with PTSD from her almost-deadly encounter with the Saint of Killers. She’s hooked on her visits to that sketchy bar where she gets her kicks by being shot – while wearing a bullet proof vest – by large guns wielded by burly gamblers.

She hasn’t slept in, well, we don’t know how long, and she seems adamant that she doesn’t want to. Now, we know that her dreams have been haunted by the Saint of Killers, so really, who can blame her for not wanting to return to those. Jesse uses Genesis on her to force her unconscious, and we can immediately see that Cassidy doesn’t approve of our Preacher’s abuse of his power.

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There are cracks forming in the relationships of Cassidy, Tulip, and Jesse, and we have to wonder how far they’ll grow.

Lara the neighbor/Grail Industries spy has provided Herr Starr with some video evidence of the Preacher’s power. Herr Starr – who already has a file on Jesse Custer – is unimpressed by Jesse’s meek display of power. However, if he’s willing to kill an entire village over a levitating pig, we’re sure that he won’t pull any punches here, either. A plan is hatched to send in a team of operatives – with noise-cancelling headphones – to “kill them all”.

The squad rolls up to the apartment building, completely ready for a massacre. And while there is definitely a massacre, it’s not exactly what they intended. Cassidy attacks, distracting most of the squad, while Jesse takes on one of the lone operatives. He removes the man’s headphones and commands that he kill his friends.

Once the rest of the squad is dead, Jesse turns to the lone survivor to demand answers. However, a wounded and now turned vampire Denis attacks, killing their only source of information. Dammit, Denis.

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Once Tulip is awake – after soundly sleeping through last night’s action – and stumbles upon an apartment full of cops and CSI crews. Jesse has taken charge, the cops work for him now. He’s convinced that while this may have been the first assault from the men in white, it certainly will not be the last.

He’s not wrong there, because Herr Starr is furious that the operation was a failure. He’s just about to dispose of agents Hoover and Lara, but his gun jams. While Lara calmly cleans and fixes the gun, she suggests to him that they bring in the heavy hitter and call Brad. He agrees, and spares both of their lives. For now.

But who is Brad?

Herr Starr reviews the video shown to him by Lara and overhears the conversation between Jesse and Cassidy about the search for God.

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Jesse and Tulip have a tender moment in the kitchen while Jesse tries to convince her to sit this one out. While she’s upset that he used Genesis on her, he explains that he was trying to help her. While their connection is frayed, it’s still unbroken.

We learn that the question should not be “who is Brad”, but “what”.

Brad is a remote-operated drone with precise engineering, designed for the perfect amount of overkill. And thanks to Grail Industries, it’s headed right for Jesse and the rest of the gang in the apartment.

While – due to an unfortunate misunderstanding that we’re sure Hoover will pay for – Herr Starr is bent over his desk, taking it from behind from a group of, um, “professionals”, he glances over Jesse Custer’s file and a “puzzle piece” clicks into place.

Herr Starr hastily calls off the drone strike. Hooray!

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In the final, closing scene of the episode, Herr Starr finds Jesse in a bar (where else) and offers to help him find God.

Things are about to get really interesting…

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