Preacher Feature: Season Two, Episode Eight – ‘Holes’


Our weekly Preacher roundup continues with Season Two, Episode Eight – “Holes”

Oh hello my darlings! Welcome back to our weekly Preacher Feature. How are you, are you well? I hope you’re well.

Now let’s get to it! This week was about digging a little deeper to explore the holes in the lives of Tulip, Jesse, Cassidy and sweet precious Eugene.

First off, daaaaamn Eugene! I mean, this sweet precious boy is thriving in Hell. We haven’t seen him in a while, so it’s nice to pop back down to Hell to see how he’s doing.

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He’s got a new swagger since beating up Hitler, but he’s keeping his head down when the management comes around. We later find out that the reason that the memory machines have been breaking down in each little Hell cell is that someone is not supposed to be there. Sweet precious Eugene is about to confess, but changes his mind.

Hitler sees this last-minute change of heart and approaches him about it. Sweet precious Eugene of course still wants to turn himself in as they’ve been promised a ticket out of Hell for whoever steps forward. Hitler intervenes, causing Eugene to be sent off to solitary confinement with “the extrapolator”.

Evidently, the “extrapolator” takes the prisoner’s worst memory and extrapolates, producing another outcome. The scene is sweet and heartwarming (he’s so happy! he can sing!) but takes a sudden darker turn with the arrival (double entendre!) of our Preacher.

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In a late-night conversation with Hitler (does Hell have night and day? At any rate, it’s after lights out), Hitler explains that he had sweet precious Eugene sent to the hole (reminder that the episode title is “Holes”, so this is gonna be a theme here) so he would see what would happen if he confessed. There’s no way they’d let him leave Hell.

Back to our main gang, Cassidy bears a heavy weight this episode. His son, Denis, is dying, and desperately wants Cassidy to turn him into a vampire. Cass declines but is clearly incredibly conflicted. We see a flashback to little baby Denis with Cassidy promising to be “the best father”. Excuse me while I sip my tea because we all know how that turned out.

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Cassidy, desperately seeking a solution, asks the Preacher if he could use Genesis on Denis to save him. Jesse isn’t confident that that’s how it works. There is brief, sad tension.

For Cassidy, watching his son slowly and painfully die is emphasized by his failure as a father. He struggles with the decision to make his dying son immortal, while Denis pleads with him to help. Cassidy sinks into his own hole, and it’s going to be hard for him to bounce back from this one.

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Meanwhile, Tulip deals with holes of her own – the bullet holes left behind by the Saint of Killers during his apartment massacre. Even though Tulip believes him to be dead, the Saint of Killers is ever present and the threat always seems to be looming.

Also, Tulip makes a friend! The friend just happens to be an operative for Grail Industries, but still, good for her. Her interactions with Jesse have been curt and distant ever since the Saint almost killed her when Jesse failed to meet his deadline. There’s a wedge growing here, and our Preacher’s obsessive quest to find God is not helping.

Speaking of which, Jesse takes the acquired audition tape to be digitally enhanced so he can find any kind of clue as to who killed fake God. He takes a moment to pray for any kind of help – something we haven’t seem him do in a long, long time.

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But! No such luck. Frustrated and at a total loss, Jesse has the disc destroyed, totally missing the big ol’ clue on the disc itself. The words “Property of Grail Industries”.


Tune in next week for another edition of Preacher Feature!

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