Ash vs Evil Dead: Bruce Campbell explains how to get Season 4


Ash vs Evil Dead has been a hot topic at 1428 Elm for weeks now. We have been running numerous articles on what fans can do to ensure that their favorite show gets on the air and stays on the air.  At his Hail to the Chin book signing in New York, Bruce Campbell had some advice on this same topic.

It’s in the Starz, literally.

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For weeks, social media has been abuzz with chatter about what is going on with Ash vs Evil Dead. Speculation was running rampant until the stars of the show spoke out and let everyone know that season three was on its way.

Of course, fans of the show want to see it sooner rather than later. Although at this juncture it is looking as if first quarter 2018 may be the option. The stars of the show keep saying season three is a bona fide game changer.

That being said, we here at 1428 Elm have been on this story from the beginning urging fans of the show to @STARZ on social media and #bringbackboomstick. We have also talked extensively about supporting the show through buying the Blu-ray of season two, which is available on August 22.

Also, we have mentioned the importance of downloading the STARZ app or finding a way to stream the service. The network pays attention to this sort of thing because it is all about the revenue intake. Remember if you fork over the dough, you get to see the show.

Bruce Explains It All was at Bruce’s recent signing in New York for his book, Hail to the Chin, where he talked to the audience about the upcoming season and gave some sage advice.

“We just finished season three. Your jaw will drop after the last episode. Nothing will ever be the same again in the Evil Dead series.”  Campbell then went on to say, shrugging his shoulders, “Season four depends on how many of you download the STARZ app. They pay attention to that.”

Yes, they do! Now, Bruce confirms that is something that is definitely taken into consideration when renewing a series. He also drops some knowledge by stating that Ash vs Evil Dead  is the number one illegally downloaded show.

Here is the scoop on the cost of the STARZ app and how it breaks down. According to; “The service will cost $8.99 per month, making it cheaper than both Showtime’s streaming service ($10.99 per month), and HBO Now ($14.99 per month). Existing Starz customers who already receive the channel through a premium cable subscription will get free access to the app, Variety reports.”

Since no decision has been made as of yet about season four of AVED, there is time to show STARZ that fans do care and they do want the show to continue. Let’s show STARZ, we got this!

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Are you looking forward to season three? Do you plan to get the STARZ app or the season 2 Blu-ray? Let us know your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below. We want to hear from you!