Preacher Feature: Season Two, Episode Ten – ‘Dirty Little Secret’


Our weekly Preacher roundup continues with Season Two, Episode Ten – “Dirty Little Secret”

Hello and welcome back, my darlings!

Lovely to see you. Let’s review the antics of our favorite regularly scheduled program, Preacher.

In this episode, the gang starts seeing other people. Jesse pushes forward with the mission, Cassidy has some father-son bonding time, and Tulip spends some time with a new friend.

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Tulip reaches out to Cassidy in hopes of finding a companion to help distract her from her dreams about the Saint of Killers. She’s still plagued with visions of his return, and she knows that something just doesn’t feel right.

Now, I’m glad that they keep a constant pressure on the return of the Saint. If Jesse’s confident decision to keep the Saint of Killers trapped in a swamp was sufficient enough for you to close the book on that character, let’s revisit. There’s no way it could be that easy, right?

Tulip’s decaying mental state should convince you that we certainly haven’t seen the last of him. Again, it’s enough of a reminder that we cannot forget the threat that he still presents, and it heightens the stakes for his potential return. Also, Graham McTavish is still featured prominently in the opening credits, so, I mean, that should be a solid hint right there.

While Cassidy goes out to hit the town with his newly-turned vampire best buddy/estranged son, Tulip gets a visit from Lara. The ladies bond over pancakes (the best way to make new friends), and soon Tulip is telling Lara everything. All about Jesse, Cassidy, the search for God, and the Saint. Lara stokes the fires of distrust, reassuring Tulip that if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Would the Preacher lie to Tulip?

I mean, obviously, yes.

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Lara slips up during a round of Rock Band (seriously, Tulip? Rock Band and pancakes? Let’s be besties already) and makes a comment about robbing banks in Dallas. But! Tulip didn’t share that story. Sloppy, Lara. She quickly tries to cover her tracks, throwing in a violent distraction with help from her partner, Hoover.

Tulip, girl, you really gotta trust your gut more.

Meanwhile, Cassidy and Denis paint the town red. Or rather Denis tries to, but Cassidy imparts some age-old vampire wisdom. Don’t bite people. It’s pretty simple.

We get the feeling that it’s going to be a hard rule for Denis to follow. He’s a bit reckless and he’s not too keen on following father’s rules. We’ve got the beginnings of a real problem, here.

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Now, over to the Preacher himself. Jesse and Herr Starr do some bonding of their own – if you can call it that. Our Preacher uses the power of Genesis to get Herr Starr to give him more information and learns about the sacred and ancient bloodline of Christ himself. He commands Starr to take him to the holy one. But, he’s not all that Jesse expected he would be.

Generations of inbreeding have not done Grail Industries any favors. And this bloodline – ancient as it may be – knows nothing about God’s whereabouts.

On the road trip home, Herr Starr makes his intentions clear to Jesse. He doesn’t want to help him find God, he wants to help him take over. Our humble Preacher isn’t interested in Herr Starr’s offer. He has friends of his own who will aid him in his quest.

He’s pretty confident about it.

However, Tulip has found something that Jesse hid under the floor tile in the bathroom. The guns and sabre of a certain Saint…

This can’t be good.

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