Friday the 13th Game: Five locations we want to see as upcoming map DLC

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The S.S Lazarus — Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)  

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In the late ’80s, Jason leaves Crystal Lake to pursue a High School class led by Rennie Wickham and her guardian Charles McCulloch. Boarding to S.S Lazarus in search of New York, Jason makes his way through the graduating class until he comes face to face with Rennie. And as we know, that interaction gets pretty toxic.

While land DLC is more practical (although Manhattan itself is probably out of the question), the S.S Lazarus is perfect for the game. With so many rooms to explore, including the boiler room, dance hall and a full boat deck, I’d kill to play the horror hit on the infamous vessel. You may not like the film, but you’ll love this DLC.

Also, I love this movie — it’s so bad it’s amazing. Jason Takes Manhattan has always been nastily nostalgic. I mean come on, livin’ in the city ain’t no big deal.