Friday the 13th: Writer talks axed script set in frozen Camp Crystal Lake


After featuring exclusively summer stalking for Jason Voorhees, the ‘Friday the 13th’ series was almost rebooted in the winter. We’re getting chills.

Friday the 13th in December….when hell freezes over apparently.

According to Bloody-Disgusting, Jason Voorhees almost needed a jacket. Before Paramount canceled the Friday the 13th reboot, there were many drafts coming in. Some were aiming for found footage, with others focusing on the classic formula, only in the modern era. But one script got to the front of the fear class and almost received an A for action. And apparently, the script features Crystal Lake during the cold winter months.

Here’s what the script’s co-writer, Nick Antosca, is saying about a much colder camp for Jason to “protect”:

"“We had aimed for a winter-set sequel. The details were not hashed out, but it would have involved people returning to the site of the horrific massacre in the first movie — probably just six months later.”"

Antosca, who’s currently working on Syfy’s Channel Zero, goes on to address why he thinks Paramount pulled the plug:

"“I know Platinum Dunes was ready to go — they were enthusiastic. I heard various things — Paramount changed their mind about the 80’s setting, they wanted more mythology. Also, there was some corporate changeover in the ranks there, and the people who were in charge when I was hired were no longer there. The new folks may have wanted to put their own stamp on it. It happens. I was curious to see the version they did make, and I was disappointed when that fell apart too.”"

It wouldn’t be the first time a studio didn’t make the right call.

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While a winter set Friday the 13th isn’t a dream of mine, I’ve been dreaming about it since hearing of the possibility — it just never struck me. But the potential of it is amazing. Just thinking about it has me signing up to volunteer at Crystal Lake. For those on the fence, I’ll attempt to convey what’s in my brain.

So Crystal Lake is frozen over and there’s a couple. They’re getting hot and heavy while testing the lake to see if it’ll break. As the guy urges girlfriend to move further out, he remembers something he needs on shore. We cut to the girl looking around, but deep in the background Jason kills her boyfriend.

As she scream, she tries running but must be careful. When Jason sees her, he begins charging after, neglecting the possibility of falling in. Just when he’s halfway to the girl, he falls through. The girl looks around, but it’s silent — as still as the night and the stars above. As she waits, we’re begin to get nervous and the suspense becomes palpable. And out of nowhere… BOOM! Jason comes crashing through the ice and grabs her….oh how I wish we were getting a winter F13 film.

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So, what do you think? Would you watch a winter Friday the 13th? The rights revert back to Warner Bros. this January, so while a December film is likely not happening in our life time, who knows? Maybe we should start a petition….just don’t forget your scarf and gloves.

Love ‘Friday the 13th’? Looking to see Jason Voorhees back on the big screen? Let the other campers know what you think in the comment section.