Interview: Ash vs Evil Dead’s Ray Santiago is leaving his mark on the world

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It’s About the Journey

RS: I grew up in the Bronx in New York City no family was in the industry.

I started when I was twelve, I’m thirty-three now. It’s been a constant journey to get to where I want to get to. This is just the beginning. We’ll see what happens.

1428 Elm: Tying in with the theme of a journey, let’s talk about season three. You have said that Pablo may have discovered his inner Brujo. Bruce has teased that he is becoming almost Shamanistic. Has he developed any abilities since he was one with the Necronomicon? Can you tell us anything?

RS: I think that Pablo sees things very differently and I think the evil force also sees Pablo very differently. This season we have something very special for you and when you watch the show, you’ll understand what I’m saying.

He’s finally coming into his own and understanding how to be the hero he never thought he could be. He idolized Ash because he knew he wanted to be a hero. He didn’t want to be like Ash but he wanted to find his own inner hero. This season he finally gets there.

Holding Out for a Hero

1428 Elm: One of my favorite scenes occurs at the end of season two when you are going to send Baal back to hell and you look at Bruce with such confidence and authority and you say, “Bring him to me Jefe.” Is that the Pablo that we are going to see in season three?

RS: You’re going to see the struggle between him getting to that and still being the same person that he has always been. That’s inside of him. He has an undeniable relationship with the Necronomicon that will always be there.

I think this season we’re going to see him be continuously tortured and still have an internal struggle with everything that is happening. It’s the ultimate journey to getting him to be the hero that he wanted to be but never thought that he could be.

Into the Great Unknown

1428 Elm: You have mentioned that the show has legs and can go beyond the current season. Fans are already clamoring for word on season four. If the show goes into season four, knowing season three changed the map of the show, what do you envision for Pablo? Could Pablo possibly take Ash’s place?

RS: I don’t know if anyone can ever take Ash’s place. I would never want to have to fill those shoes. You haven’t seen season three so you don’t know if Pablo survives. No one is safe in season three. We are giving fans a finale that will leave their jaws dropped.

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Fans really need to tune in for the whole show especially episodes nine and ten. Because there are some game changers. We end the show in a very crazy way. It’s very nostalgic to the way I felt when I watched Six Feet Under. You will be like, “Wait. What just happened?!”

Who knows where it will go? If the Ghostbeaters and Pablo survive, I really believe that he will always continue to fight evil, try to get the girl, be a good guy and save the world from evil. If he survives, we’ll definitely get to see him taking the gift he has been given and putting it into use in very amazing ways.

New Blood

1428 Elm: Changing tactics, let’s talk about dynamics. We know that Ash has a daughter. Are Pablo and Kelly like brother and sister to her?

RS: Well, anytime a new person comes into the equation it might make you question if this person is going to take away what you already have. You don’t know what you have until you might lose it.

We have a couple new cast members as well that come on and shake things up. Ash’s daughter, I don’t know man. Can she really be trusted? The only thing that lets you know if you can trust someone in this world is time.

Time will tell if she is trustworthy, time will tell if she will take Pablo away from Kelly, time will tell if she is evil, time will tell if she really is Ash’s daughter, it is just a matter of time before everything is unfolded.

I will say she is an amazing actress. As a person, loved working with her. She is an excellent addition to the team. Never complained, also a fighter, she went with the flow and we love Arielle Carver-O’Neill.