Interview: Ash vs Evil Dead’s Ray Santiago is leaving his mark on the world

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Dirty Deeds and Future Plans

1428 Elm: Lucy Lawless has teased that Ruby needs a little something from Ash because she has someone else in mind to be the Chosen One. Does Pablo try to thwart her diabolical plans?

RS: I can’t tell you too much. You’re going to have to wait and see what happens.

1428 Elm: Fair enough! You are such a versatile talent, if season three ends up being the last hurrah, what is in store for Ray Santiago? Do you see yourself staying in horror or playing the field?

RS: I see Pablo as being President of the Ghostbeaters and always fighting evil. For Ray, I’m going to be out there telling people stories whether they’re positive portrayals or negative portrayals, there are stories that need to be told.

I hope to do them in television, film and theater. Whatever outlets come my way and if I can bring something to them the way I did with Pablo, then I will definitely take them on.

We hope to do things like maybe my own sitcom, a multi-camera sitcom or dramas. I am open to it all.

Call to Action

1428 Elm: At 1428, we have been huge supporters of the show. We actually were the first ones to rally the fans to get them to ask Starz and Lionsgate when season three is going to air with our #bringbackboomstick campaign.

RS: I am happy that the fans are still clamoring for it and they are excited. I want them to be boisterous about it. We need to get all the fans that are fans and all the people that aren’t fans to get them ready for an amazing season three.

I would say it’s causing quite a bit of a stir. It’s an interesting tactic because we definitely will deliver. For people who haven’t seen seasons one and two, they should definitely check them out. It’s worth it.

For fans, keep asking and saying that you want the show. Let them know how hungry you guys are.

Fans Matter

1428 Elm: We had an amazing response to our series of articles on AVED. Rest assured, the fan base is out there. You are going to be attending the upcoming Walker Stalker Con, correct?

RS: Yes, it’s an honor to get out there and meet the fans. They’re the ones that have given the show success. It’s one of the best parts of my job to see the joy on the people’s faces when they get to meet the actors and the characters that they like. It’s one of the perks of my job.

I’m excited. I want to encourage people to get the word out there. To let fans know it’s not over. They should just stay tuned.

Rules of Engagement

1428 Elm: We’re going to do our part here at 1428 Elm to make sure that the fans stay engaged. It was a pleasure speaking with you, Ray!

RS: Let the fans know that the Ghostbeaters are back and to stay excited. This season is going to leave them with their jaws dropping and there is something very special in store for them!*

So, there you have it from sweet Pablito himself.  Season three is going to be epic! If you are a fan of the show, don’t be afraid to let @STARZ @LionsgateTV and @LionsgateHorror know how you feel. Remember to #bringbackboomstick!

Seasons one and two are available on Blu-ray and DVD. You can follow Ray on Twitter @RealRaySantiago. He also hangs out on Instagram @realraysantiago. Catch him on Facebook too!

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