Friday the 13th: Kane Hodder talks killing in film and game difference


After slaying as Jason Voorhees in four ‘Friday the 13th’ films and in the popular video game (mo-cap), Kane Hodder is talking which is harder to do.

Either way you slice it, it’s hard out here for a Friday the 13th victim…

Last week, Kane Hodder came back to The Movie Crypt for an hour of fun and frights. Along with co-hosts Adam Green and Joe Lynch, the horror legend lays it all out the popular podcast. Ranging from the new Hatchet  to Hodder’s terrible burn tragedy, the conversation eventually lands the difference between killing in the Friday the 13th films and the hit horror game. It’s here where Hodder bloodies up the air.

Here’s what the film icon, who’s the subject of the To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story documentary, says about the different kill experiences:

"“You can’t do misses like you can in a fight scene on film, with position and everything is just right so I hit somebody with this and they react to it from this angle and it looks good, from the side it won’t look good. So it’s everything from all sides. But I’ve learned the animators can tweak some of that. I can swing some tool past someone’s head and they react to it. That can moves some stuff around. So it’s a completely different process, but character wise, I just did everything as I always have.”"

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“Just did everything as I always have”.…that’s pulse-pounding perfection

While the situations are obviously different in scope, hearing it from the man is amazing. Each is seemingly their own beast, but from the sound of it, films are a bit harder. Although there is CGI, it’s probably harder to stuff in a film than with motion capture technology. At least if I’m understanding Hodder correctly. Either way, we can all agree Hodder kills it every time…pun intended.

First appearing as Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part VIl: The New Blood, Kane Hodder is now a legend in the land of film. With over 100 stunt credits to his name, the actor has played almost every legendary big, bulky killer in some form or another. Forever known as both Jason and Victor Crowley, the icon is a class act. And we’re damn proud he chooses our genre to work in the most. Here’s to you Kane, keep the scares coming.

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