American Horror Story: Should the seventh season be going political?


FX’s ‘American Horror Story’ continues its terror takeover of television with the premiere of ‘AHS: Cult.’ But should the show be taking a different route?

American Horror Story is inaugurating its seventh season…

Tonight, one of the most popular shows on television returns. Shedding last year’s docudrama aspect, American Horror Story returns in hopes we’ll join its Cult. With fans from all walks of life, the show will have TV terrorizes lining up for the next bit of AHS goodness. But should they be casting their vote for this year’s gimmick?

I want to preface this by saying I love entertainment bred from real-life situations. When creating fiction out of non-fiction, it adds realism to the situation and brings a buffet’s worth of food for thought. But after everything the US citizens have endured in the last presidential election, should we be finding politics in our horror this soon?

My gut reaction is saying no, no we shouldn’t.

— Courtesy of FX

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Ever since the 2016 US Presidential Election, all we see is Donald Trump’s face everywhere. While I’m not touching on if you should or shouldn’t support our President, we’re still seeing a lot of the man — and it can be draining.

With him, there’s always uproar to follow. Regardless of which side you’re on on any issue, there is stress involved, and over time, it can be quite draining. You see him on Facebook, in the news, on late-night talk shows, on Saturday Night Live, in papers, hear about him at work from a supporter or naysayer. It almost becoming a health concern.

Which brings me to the meat of the meal. People look to entertainment for two reasons — to take them away from reality or help them examine it. While previous American Horror Story seasons are part of the former category, AHS: Cult seemingly falls in the later. Which is fine, but is something this recent and in our face the way to go? I’m not sure.

Ultimately, I’m just a bit tired of all the politics. I need a break. But then again, I supposes that’s the real genus of FX’s newest round of episodes. Maybe that’s the point. Horror historians, it’s gonna be a long season.

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American Horror Story: Cult stars Sarah PaulsonEvan Peters and Frances ConroyBrad Falchuk Teley-Vision and Ryan Murphy Productions produce, with FX Network distributing. Join the cult tonight at 10 PM EST, only on FX.

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