Kane Hodder talks doing motion capture in Friday the 13th: The Game


After killing helpless teens in the ‘Friday the 13th’ series, Kane Hodder did the same for the game version. Now the icon is talking about the experience.

Turns out killing in Friday the 13th gets better with age…

Last week, a horror icon came back to The Movie Crypt. Joining hosts Adam Green and Joe Lynch, Kane Hodder returned to the popular podcast for everything Friday the 13th, Hatchet and his interesting journey to stardom.

While guesting on the popular podcast, the film legend began diving into his experience on Friday the 13th: The Game. Answering questions from the podcast’s “Viewer Mail” segment, the conversation steers towards the game’s motion capture experience…it’s about to get deadly.

Grab a machete and let Hodder tell you what it’s like killing in the popular horror game:

"“What’s interesting is, with my motion capture, there’s no facial expressions. So it didn’t matter what I did. But it is quite different because the motion captures only captures the images that have sensors on on them. So I would be killing people and certainly..I have one stunt guy and one stunt girl. Two stunt girls, I had one girl at the beginning, then another girl did it. But the guy’s done it every session we’ve done. So I’ve killed him 100 something times.”"

Hodder, who’s the most decorated Jason Voorhees in horror history, goes on to say:

"“But since we’re in the suits with the sensors and Rick can be there holding people certain positions, because it’s not captured. But the tricky thing about the kills is there’s 70, well they say 75, but the other day I counted and there was more like 85 camera all in a grid, from every possible angle and everything is simultaneous captured.”"

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I’m no stunt man, but it certainly sounds like a nice change of pace..

A veteran of the silver screen, Hodder knows a thing or two about pretend killing people. Currently, the actor boasts over 100 acting and stunt credits to his name.

Playing both horror icons Jason Voorhees and Victor Crowley, Hodder has seen it all. And by the sound of this conversation, killing in the game is easy like Sunday morning…or maybe Friday night.

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