Preacher Feature: Season 2, Episode 12 – ‘On Your Knees’


Our weekly Preacher roundup continues with Season Two, Episode Twelve – “On Your Knees”

Welcome back, Preacher fans and followers! Join me as we jaunt through this wild and wonderful show, one episode recap at a time.

Now, let’s go to church.

In this week’s episode, sweet precious Eugene escapes from Hell, the Saint of Killers gets closer to the kill, and Jesse makes a big decision.

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Sweet precious Eugene and his unlikely partner in crime, Hitler, have made their jump towards freedom through the solitary confinement hole. In order to move beyond the Hellscape, they must prove that sweet precious Eugene does not actually belong in Hell.

He confronts his personal demons and finds some much needed closure (including a revealing showdown with his hometown mascot), finally gaining his father’s love and approval in the process. It’s really very sweet. A window of opportunity opens and they make their escape.

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On that note, it’s finally time to catch up with our long lost friend, the Saint of Killers! He spent quite some time submerged in his secure tomb, but that did not stop him from trying to punch his way to freedom. If anything, he’s determined.

We see a flashback to his days as a living family man. His gruff exterior is still ever present, but he has a warm and fuzzy soft spot for his wife and daughter. It’s a humanizing moment for the vicious menace, and it’s important to see.

Deep down, his backstory has always been about protecting his family and trying to do the right thing. Of course, it always tends to end in bloodshed, but we must remember that his intentions started off as noble.

Grail Industries rescues the Saint from his watery fate and offers him a golden opportunity to reconnect with the Preacher in a most violent fashion. They’ve released his recently instated soul, so he’s back to his old tricks and ready to roll.

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He makes his way to the gang’s stronghold and encounters a united front. After all their bickering and frustration, Tulip, Cassidy and Jesse are back to their old rapport. They team up to try and fight this invading force, and when all seems lost, Hell’s superintendent comes to the rescue to reclaim the Saint of Killers and take him back to his Hell cell. The superintendent is sure to share the reason for her presence with Jesse – Herr Starr sends his regards.

The Saint tells Jesse that this ain’t over yet, so we’re sure to see him again. Once in Hell, he requests an audience with Satan. I cannot wait to see this meeting.

Tulip and Cassidy – who were injured in their rendezvous with the Saint – are taken to the “hospital”, but end up in a meeting with Herr Starr. Starr tells them about the mediocre Messiah, Humperdoo, and shares his opinion that they are holding Jesse back.

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In a public announcement, the Pope declares that God is – essentially – missing, and everyone must prepare for the arrival of the new Messiah.

Jesse decides that maybe Herr Starr was right and it would, in fact, be best for him to take the position of the new religious leader that everyone is so eagerly anticipating.

He shares his decision with Tulip and Cassidy, expecting eager and unwavering support. Instead, they tell him that maybe he isn’t the best man for the job. Although it was just a few episodes ago that our Preacher expressed this same concern to Herr Starr, he seems to have made up his mind on this and is actually quite disappointed that his besties aren’t on board with this drastic career change.

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His ego seems to have gotten the better of him. We all know that our Preacher tends to have the blinders on when it comes to the opinions and input of anyone else. As the leader of the gang, his say is usually the final say. He’s not often willing to accept criticism of his actions. This is a big flaw, and as someone who hopes to be the next figurehead of an entire religion, it’s perhaps not the personality trait you want to lead with.

Jesse Custer – as a character – operates with his own moral code that seems to be strict for all others, but flexible for his own practices. His intentions are good – for the most part – but his proclivity for misusing the power of Genesis will go unchecked without the watchful eyes of Cassidy and Tulip. Jesse has been slipping away from their influence for quite some time now, and I’m not sure that Herr Starr will share the same concerns that they’ve expressed in the past.

The episode ends with our Preacher meeting with Herr Starr, who kneels before him. As I’ve said, this can’t be good for his moral compass.

With one episode left in the season, we’ll see where this all goes. Be sure to tune in next week to find out!

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