American Horror Story: Second Cult outing is making AHS great again


After breaking out with a terrifyingly sharp debut, FX’s American Horror Story: Cult continues to prove why every horror fans should be joining up.

The following review of American Horror Story: Cult contains no spoilers. You’ll be fine to check out the review before watching. Enjoy horror historians.

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At every turn, Ally falls deeper into the depths of delusion. Putting her family dynamic in jeopardy, she’s loosing her mind while grasping for any strain of reality. Kia, on the other hand, is seeing his master plan come together like a Presidential inauguration. And as their paths begin crossing more and more, one thing becomes clear — the cult is growing.


“I think something’s wrong with me” — Ally

After last week’s stellar opener, American Horror Story continues to prove why it’s one of the best programs on television. From it’s narrative pacing to incredible performances, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark is almost pitch perfect in its execution.

Featuring direction by Liza Johnson, the strengths of the latest AHS entry is powerful and plenty. That’s not to say there’s bad direction here, as the opening shot and two others are gold, but its’ not the best directed episode of television I’ve seen.

Where Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark shines is in its writing and acting. Written by Tim Minear, the episodes features sharp dialogue, proper pacing and intense situations. It’s so effective, in fact, you’ll be yelling at your TV for more. Maybe call you local elected television station and tell them you want more AHS: Cult now!

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As for the acting, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters continue to give powerhouse performances in the FX series. Playing Ally and Kia, respectively, each time they’re on screen, taking your eyes off the screen is an impossibility.

While they’re not on screen together much, the one scene featuring the two is one of the best in TV history. Both are at ease in their respective roles, but both ripping through emotions like a rat desperately escaping from a dingy cage. Trust me, it’s brilliant….I may have rewound a time or two.


Liza Johnson‘s Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark is an incredible hour of television. Raising the stakes while building on Cult’s opener, the episode shows not only is American Horror Story still one of the best series on TV, but you haven’t seen anything yet. Cast your vote and watch today.


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