Bruce Campbell: Ultimate guide to lollygagging for newbies


It’s Ash Wednesday at 1428 Elm and today’s topic is Groovy Bruce Campbell’s Guide to Lollygagging. So, lace up your sneakers or jump on a bike. Let’s do this.

“Find the things you enjoy doing, and do them passionately, regularly, and have fun with them.”

– Bruce Campbell, “Men’s Health” July 11, 2012

I’m Not Even Sure How to Spell It

Bruce Campbell – Lollygagging – Courtesy of Bruce Campbell Twitter

If you happen to be a fan of Bruce Campbell and you follow him on Twitter, then you know all about the phenomenon of lollygagging. Or maybe you dig him in Ash vs Evil Dead but you have no idea what in the hell lollygagging is. Fair enough.

Let’s start with a definition from the man himself.  lol·ly·gag verb NORTH AMERICAN informal gerund or present participle: lollygagging; “The act of doing exactly what you want for an indeterminate period of time (preferably outdoors) for no particular reason.” This seems pretty straight forward, if you ask me.

There has been some confusion as to what is the “proper” way to lollygag.  Apparently for some it means cracking open a bottle of their favorite beverage and propping their feet up on their coffee table. For others, it is scaling K2 and posting a picture of your hiking boots at the summit.

After extensive research (basically pointing and clicking on Google), I feel pretty confident that this conundrum can be resolved. So, without further ado, let’s get everyone straight on the rules.

Put That Remote Down and Get Outside!

Bruce Campbell – Lollygagging – No Remote – Courtesy of Not Your Boyfriend’s Sports Blog

Since rules sounds way too formal and Bruce is more of a “free form” guy, let’s dub them suggestions.

Suggestion 1: Must be outside, active – no agenda. Presumably anything that is outdoors, swimming, biking, running, or tennis is acceptable. Got it. Once again, this explanation is clear and concise.

Yet, confusion reigns supreme. Invariably, someone will think, “Oh, well, sitting at home and watching Army of Darkness isn’t on an agenda. It’s active because I have to pause the television with a remote so that requires effort.”

Well, unfortunately, that isn’t the right idea.

Get to Work

Bruce Campbell – Lollygagging – Guy with feet on desk – Courtesy of On the Job

Suggestion 2: Can’t do it at work.  Right. Check. If you are lollygagging at work, that is an entirely different problem that would probably result in getting a pink slip and a box to pack all of your stuff.

Invariably, the response will be someone posting a picture of their feet propped up on their desk in their cubicle or office. Nope.

Quarters, anyone?

Bruce Campbell – Lollygagging – No Drinking – Courtesy of Seton Australia

Suggestion 3: Not drinking. This is another suggestion that seems crystal clear and yet it is not. While drinking could turn into a sport (Believe me I really tried in college. I gave it my all.) it doesn’t meet the criteria in any way, shape or form. See suggestion one if you have questions.

Do It Because You Want To

Bruce Campbell – Lollygagging Magazine – Courtesy of Reddit

Suggestion 4: Must be voluntary.  I have to admit, I am a little confused with this one. What exactly would involuntary lollygagging be? Maybe I don’t want to find out.

Personally, I think Bruce could actually turn his lollygagging adventures into a future book, just saying. He has been in so many different locations and settings throughout his career that it would definitely be a guide to rural and urban excursions.

If you would like to meet Bruce in person, he is touring the country promoting his latest memoir, Hail to the Chin. Go to for more information. Check out to snag a copy today. For more lollygagging tips and pictures, follow @GroovyBruce on Twitter.

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