American Horror Story: Neighbors from Hell begins Cult’s second act


After two great opening episodes, FX’s American Horror Story: Cult moves into its second act with the impressive ‘Neighbors from Hell.’ Ready to join up?

The following review of American Horror Story’s latest contains no spoliers. You’ll be safe to read, but we can’t save you from the cult. Enjoy American Horroribles.


After shooting Pedro, Ally becomes enemy number one. Seemingly, every good step forward is followed by two stumbles back. Now, everyone is hounding the resturaunt owner and her walls are closing in. While Kia continues his plan to ruin Ally from the ground up, attacking at her core, she begins thinking everyone is joning the cult. Crazy sure, but Ally may also be right. Welcome to Neighbors from Hell.


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I am not the enemy, I am one of you. — Ally

Before the season premiere, specualting on the next American Horror Story season’s premise poptential was odd. With ominous images, and a Donald Trump centric story, AHS: Cult was a crap shoot. But then, the first two episodes began casting thier ballods for TV supremacy, and in two hours of terror televison, the FX staple was once again the king of mixing quality with crazy.

With this week’s Neighbor’s from Hell, the third of an eleven episode season, this entertainment train is still on the right track. What’s most remarkable about AHS: Cult’s third outinig is how effective it is in its purpose. The third episode, and arguably the second, of any television season should be beginning its second act. Once the character’s are introduced and the world around them firm, the season should be engaging characters into said world.

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In Neighbors from Hell, it’s nothing but adrinaline. Each moment builds off, not only the immediate last, but what’s set up in the first two entries. It’s remarkable to watch a series so fully understanding basic storytelling.

As for everything else — pure gold. Again, Sara Paulson is doing some of the best work on the small screen, streaming or standard televsion. Remarkably easing into every year with the hand of a professional, Paulson is as talented as they come. Also, the hit FX series is using the comedic charms of Billy Eichner to perfection here. While he’s not in the way of story, I laughed often at the 39-year-old actor during the episode.


Gwyneth Horder-Payton’s Neighbors from Hell is when American Horror Story: Cult begins exploding into its second act like a looney locomotive. Effecticly so, the first two episodes introduced us to the world and these characters, but now, it’s full on war. And from the look up, this cult is far from complete.


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