Unanswered Questions From Priest (2011): Rendezvous at City 7


I recently watched the movie Priest again and although I wasn’t blown away by the movie the first time, it wasn’t horrible the second go round either. But my question is: What happens next?

Priest, based on the graphic novel series by Min-Woo Hyung, stars Paul Bettany as the Priest, with Karl Urban as a former Priest, turned vamp, Black Hat, and Maggie Q as the Priestess. I read the first seven chapters of Volume 1: A Prelude To The Deceased from the graphic novel in preparation for this piece, and I can truly tell you that it is nothing like the movie.

Karl Urban stars in Screen Gems’ sci-fi action-thriller PRIEST.

For instance, who are the “Rebel Angels” and their leader Lizzie? She was on the train in the graphic novel but not in the movie. The graphic novel tells us the Priest’s real name is Ivan Isaacs, who sold half his soul to the devil for revenge.

He now fights the undead who look more zombie-like in the novel, than vampiric dog-like creatures as the movie portrays. In the movie, he’s also a just Priest and did not sell his soul, nor did he seek vengeance. But I digress.

From the movie, it has been six years (August 2011) now since the Priests regrouped and planned to meet at the rendezvous in City 7. But why is this place so important, why have we not been taken there, and how many more Priests are there?

— Courtesy of Screen Gems

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My arousing curiosity as to where the story could have gone, and my nagging befuddlement that a movie with the potential to be bigger didn’t follow through pains me. This was clearly a sequel in the making by how the conversation ended.

Priestess: “I’ve notified the others. We’ll meet you at the rendezvous at City 7.” After that statement, the Priest rides off into the sunset, on his way to City 7 and the credits roll.

Was the end, The End for the Priest franchise that could have been? Who knows, maybe a Min-Woo Hyung adaptation would give us closure or at least a few pulse-pounding, zombie-vampiric dog-like creature beatdown sequels. Maybe.

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