American Horror Story: Cult causing rare phobia to flare up


With American Horror Story: Cult getting into its groove, some viewers are experiencing a rare phobia when watching the long-running FX series.

American Horror Story is scary…but to some it’s paralyzing.

According to CNN, this season of American Horror Story is truly terrifying. With AHS: Cult premiering only a few weeks ago, some viewers are having a hard time with the FX series.

Being described as an “irrational fear of small holes and clusters of circles and bumps”, the series is triggering trypophobia. This is due to the current AHS season’s add campaign like the picture featured above.

Here’s what Jennifer Andresen, a resident of Norwalk, Connecticut who describes herself as having “general anxiety and “a bit” of obsessive-compulsive disorder”, is saying about the experience:

"“My husband and I were watching ‘American Horror Story,’ and I didn’t have any idea what the show would be about. The piece of coral she saw freaked me out so badly that I had to tell my husband. Up to now, I’ve kept it to myself because it seemed so silly, so odd.”"

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Hell, that sounds pretty intense.

While the phobia does sounds bizarre and over overblown, it’s important not to downplay people’s illnesses. Just like Ally’s fear clowns on the series, if it’s real to them, they feel fear like we all do. And the feeling of fear sucks….unless it’s in a theater or in front of your TV.

American Horror Story: Cult stars Sarah PaulsonEvan Peters and Frances ConroyBrad Falchuk Teley-Vision and Ryan Murphy Productions produce, with FX Network distributing. AHS: Cult airs Tuesday nights, only on FX.

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