Ash Wednesday: Bruce Campbell’s grooviest comedy videos


It’s Ash Wednesday at 1428 Elm where we focus on all things Bruce Campbell. This week’s topic, grooviest comedy video picks. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are now in control of the transmission.

“I’d do me. All day long.” – Ashley J. Williams

King of Comedy

Sure, on Ash vs Evil Dead Bruce Campbell tosses out the awesome one liners right and left. If you have been fortunate enough to see him at a Con, then you know how hysterically funny he can be. Well, at 1428 Elm we have compiled some of his best moments for your enjoyment.

The Old Spice Collection

This first video is amazing just for the sheer fact that Bruce can walk around the set completely at ease without banging into any furniture. All while spouting dialogue that feels like Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First?” routine.

“If you have it, you don’t need it. If you need it, you don’t have it.” Let’s face it, no one delivers a line quite like the King.

Okay, this next delight happens to feature one of my favorite Duran Duran songs, Hungry Like the Wolf. My favorite part is when he removes his hands completely from the piano keys but the piano is still playing. Too funny. Oh, yeah. The models remind me of mannequins come to life. “Ahoy!”

That Time Bruce Pretended to Be Stephen Colbert

So, Bruce and Lucy Lawless are on Stephen Colbert’s show when Lucy asks Bruce to put his glasses on. Yes, it’s true. He does resemble Stephen. This clip illuminates just how talented a mimic Campbell is because he captures ALL of Colbert’s tics and mannerisms.

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Master Thespians Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless

This video is also a bit from the Colbert show. Lucy and Bruce give their tips for making it in the biz. Their introductions, “Hi, I’m television and film icon (insert appropriate names)” are cheeky goodness.

Bruce and Lucy’s Awesome Horror Viewing Party

Wired magazine got Bruce and Lucy to sit down and comment on some of the most iconic scenes in horror movies. The result is commentary so rich, it will leave you in stitches.  Bruce’s remark on Jason X, “You freeze her face then you smash her face. That’s cryogenics taken to a whole new level.” That made me laugh out loud.

It’s Badass to Have a Chainsaw for a Hand

Funny or Die is a great site. From Drunk History to this little gem, which is my personal favorite. Ordinary situations featuring Bruce dealing with his chainsaw as his hand. His outburst in the coffee shop seems like one that I am going to employ in the near future. “Listen, coffee boy!” The simply stunning Barbara Crampton even has a part at the end. Enjoy….

Bruce Campbell, Conan’s Subway Artist

In this bit from Conan’s show at Comic Con, Conan finds himself in desperate need of some cutlery so that he can deal with his monster submarine sandwich. Who does he happen to call?

Yes, Mr. Campbell to the rescue. When Bruce takes a tumble in this skit, it is for real.

It’s Like Painting the Sistine Chapel

Here is another moment from Conan. Bruce explains the “art” of breast signing as he demonstrates on Andy Richter. So awkward, yet so amusing!

Bruce Campbell’s Dating Tips 101

First dates are always stressful. Single AF asked the Groovy One to assist him by giving him tips on how to score with the ladies. Of course, the “suggestions” have consequences.

Cold Readings with Bruce Campbell

This is my second favorite comedy video that Bruce does. Here we find him “auditioning” for such classic films as Jurassic Park, Man of Steel, Brokeback Mountain and Star Wars to name a few. Check it out!

There are so many fun videos out there that it is hard to narrow down the playing field. If you are a fan of Bruce, he might be coming to a city near you on his Hail to the Chin book tour. Check out for more information. You didn’t know he had a bestselling book out at this moment in time? Well, he does! Get your copy at Remember you can follow his daily musings on Twitter @Groovy Bruce.

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Which one of these videos was your favorite? Do you have one that didn’t make the list? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.