Ash vs Evil Dead: Send big sloppy love letters to STARZ for Season 4!


The Ash vs Evil Dead cast did the BUILD series today at New York Comic Con. At 1428 Elm, we caught the livestream and got the details for you!

“Nothing changes. Just more blood.” – Bruce Campbell

What’s It Gonna Take?

The Ash vs Evil Dead cast — Bruce Campbell, Dana DeLorenzo, Ray Santiago and Arielle Carver O’Neill — paid a visit to the BUILD series studios today to talk all things Season 3. Right up front, we learned something interesting about the newest member of the Ghostbeater family, Arielle Carver-O’Neill. O’Neill, who plays Ash’s daughter, Brandy, was asked if she watched the show beforehand.

Her response was very candid. “I didn’t watch the show. I’m a huge chicken with scary movies so I stayed away from the genre.” She did admit that she binge watched the series in a twenty-four-hour period. Her admission did spark an interesting discussion about the Starz network.

One of the great reasons Starz was a perfect home for Ash vs Evil Dead is because they don’t restrict the show’s content. This allows fans to get all the gore they desire and all the uncensored glory that is the world of Elk Grove, Michigan.

However, Bruce Campbell had a very important message for fans regarding the fate of the show. “Get the Starz app. Download the show. Send big, sloppy, love letters to Starz if you want Season 4.” He also talked about the problem of illegally downloading AVED content.

It IS a Problem

Initially when we ran a story about the impact of illegal downloads on the future of AVED, we had some fans counter with articles stating that piracy has nothing to do with whether or not a show remains on the air. Some even went as far as to say that Bruce was misinformed.

Sorry, but he is not misinformed. As one of the executive producers of AVED, he has probably been in meetings with the executives or has heard the statistics. He knows what he is talking about. This phenomenon could be a deal breaker for Season 4.

Everyone knows that AVED has a solid, devoted fanbase. However, if the series keeps landing on the illegally downloaded show list that isn’t helping the executives at Lionsgate and Starz see the true picture of who is viewing the show.

For those of you out there who think ratings don’t matter, that isn’t the case. There are other mitigating factors but if you were a television programming executive and you wanted to know how your show was performing, how would you gauge it? You have to have numbers to get a sense of the audience.

We Won’t Pull a Dexter

More from 1428 Elm

Fans are in for a treat this season. There are definitely some interesting things to look forward to in February. Courtesy of Ray Santiago, Pablo finally gets his food truck. So, Pablito’s Fish and Chips has come to fruition! Unfortunately, the good times don’t last.

According to Ray, “The evil force comes back. There will be more torture for Pablo. He will find that his best weapon is within himself.” In reference to his fellow Ghostbeaters, “His Brujo power might help us.”

What’s going on with Ash at the beginning of Season 3? Bruce Campbell states that “he is doing local commercials for his store (he took over his late father’s hardware store). He saved Elk Grove and now he’s cashing in on it.”

Where is Kelly Maxwell? Did she also become a successful business owner? Not likely. Dana DeLorenzo says, “She is a warrior without a war.” To which Bruce Campbell chimed in that her character is “very instrumental in introducing another demon fighting squad.”

Per the PR release for AVED that squad is probably the Knights of Sumeria led by Dalton or new cast member, Lindsay Farris. Bruce went on to say that the season will be a “Jaw dropper. It doesn’t end like Dexter. If we don’t go past Season 3, it will feel satisfying.”

Battle Cry

Everyone that loves this series hopes that this isn’t the end of Ash and the Ghostbeaters. While it is comforting to know that the end justifies the means and fans won’t be horribly disappointed if AVED goes off the air, it isn’t exactly what everyone wants to hear.

If you want Season 4, then the time is now to get motivated and show Starz and Lionsgate that it is worth saving. Start binge watching the series. Get the app for thirty days free and then delete it.  If Starz is offered with your cable package, purchase it.

Bruce has shown everyone how to get the shows for free. Follow his lead. If you are on social media, do what he suggests and start sending those love letters via every platform that you are on to let Starz and Lionsgate know this isn’t over.

Introduce your friends to the show. Get more people tuning in. We here at 1428 Elm will continue to do our part. This show will be promoted and written about because it is ground breaking television for all of us horror fans.

Now in the words of Ashley J. Williams, “Let’s go save the world.” Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 starts on Feb. 28, 2018 at 9 PM on STARZ.

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Do you love Ash vs Evil Dead? Are you ready for season three? Will you be willing to write that love letter to Starz and Lionsgate? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you!