Ash vs Evil Dead: #BringBackBoomstick movement gaining momentum


The Ash vs Evil Dead fanbase fresh off the awesome announcement that Season 3 kicks off on February 25, 2018 is now taking #bringbackboomstick to Starz for a Season 4 renewal!

“Takin’ it to the streets.” – The Doobie Brothers

Whisper to a Scream

Ash vs Evil Dead is one of our favorite shows at 1428 Elm. So, when San Diego Comic Con came and went with no appearances this year from the cast, we had to wonder what in the actual hell was going on? I wrote a series of articles delving into the subject that culminated in August.

After reading about the success of fan campaigns to get shows back on the air like Chuck, Friday Night Lights and Roswell, I went to my editors and pitched them the idea of doing a “rally the troops” kind of article. Since there was no information whatsoever coming out about AVED from Starz about a start date for Season 3.

This was the birth of #bringbackboomstick. We encouraged fans to @STARZ, @STARZPR and later @LionsgateTV on every social media platform with the hashtag and ask about Season 3. The idea was to create a presence and make them understand that the show had fans and they really wanted to see it come back.

Then Bruce Campbell during one of his many interviews on his Hail to the Chin book tour, explained what was going on with Season 3. Basically, the network was looking for a suitable time for the series since the fall was looking crowded. Also, Starz had just merged with Lionsgate and both entities were in the process of sorting things out. While the fans found this hard to accept, they understood why.

You Gotta Be Starting Somethin’

However, when it came to light that AVED hadn’t been picked up for Season 4 and the reason why from Bruce, that is when everything kicked into high gear. Illegal downloads were hurting the show because Lionsgate couldn’t get true numbers on it. In other words, it appeared like the ratings were low and no one was watching.

Well, we jumped on that at 1428. At every turn we tried to educate our readers and fans of the show about the consequences of not obtaining the Starz app or buying the merchandise like DVDs and Blu-rays. We started spreading the word.

Quite a few people called us “fake news.” When more media outlets started to address the AVED situation it became blatantly clear that we were in fact, on to something.

The Pivotal Point

After New York Comic Con it became apparent that this could be the last season of AVED. At every turn, Bruce Campbell kept reiterating that illegal downloads weren’t helping the future of the show.

Fans decided to take action. The Bruce Campbell Fan Club and the Bruce on the Loose Podcast started having conversations about the illegal downloading. That is when Joshua Mann, one of the members of the Fan Club after reading our article asked if #bringbackboomstick was the official tag. Dino Lorenzo, the admin for the group confirmed it.

Joshua has an Ash Williams fan page on Facebook and he created an event where everyone on FB and Twitter will holler at Starz on October 13 and let them know that the show should be renewed for Season 4. Then something incredible happened.

Bruce Campbell saw Joshua’s tweet and retweeted on Twitter.

The Future Is Now

At 1428 we also shared a petition that has been circulating to get AVED renewed for Season 4. Fans all over the various forms of social media including the Fan Club picked it up and ran with it. Lo and behold, this tweet came out.

What more motivation is needed? If you haven’t signed the petition and you want to participate in the Ash Williams Fan Page event, follow the links on the tweets. Series have been rescued from the brink of cancellation in the past, it can be done again. Your fans got this, Jefe!

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Have you signed the petition for season four renewal? Are you going to participate in the event on October 13? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you!