Bruce Campbell Throwback: Guest DJ gig at KCRW in Santa Monica


Just for fun, we here at 1428 Elm decided to throwback to the time when Groovy Bruce Campbell was a guest DJ on KCRW out of Santa Monica. It’s rare that anyone ever asks him anything about his favorite types of music so this is a pretty special find. So, sit back and let the King of the B movies spin some righteous tunes!

“We’re gonna howl at the moon, shoot out the light. It’s a small town Saturday night.” – Hal Ketchum

Hot Wax

Last year, Bruce Campbell sat down at KCRW with Eric J. Lawrence to spin some of his favorite tunes. While quite a bit of classic rock with a harder edge like the kicking Space Truckin’ by Deep Purple is used in Ash vs Evil Dead, fans might be quite astonished to learn that Bruce has a softer side!

Believe it or not, Campbell prefers easy listening 70s groups like the Carpenters and singers like Cat Stevens. This definitely goes against his Ash Williams persona. In an interview with LA Music Blog he says “No AC/DC or that Poison or that screaming music. Some people think it’s soothing, but it just makes me angry.”

This past summer on his Hail to the Chin book tour, Bruce mentioned that he is a huge Lawrence Welk fan. During my interview with him, we got the chance to discuss music and he admitted that he has mastered a few Elvis songs for karaoke.

So, when he got the chance to showcase his musical taste, he jumped on it. Because, “No one asks me about music, ever!” Having quite the eclectic playlist myself, Campbell’s top five didn’t shock me.

Bruce’s Banging Five

  1. RespectAretha Franklin – Motown Motor City represent! Bruce cites this as a favorite because of the Queen of Soul’s amazing voice and the fact that if you play it in a bar, chicks immediately want to know who chose it!
  2. DelilahTom Jones – He used to crank this on the Burn Notice set to get psyched up for whatever he had to do. Who doesn’t like Sir Tom? I grew up watching his variety show and to this day dig, It’s Not Unusual!
  3.  Small Town Saturday Night Hal Ketchum– In case you didn’t know it, Bruce actually likes country music but more the old school sound. This tune appeals to him because he likes the lyrics and it reminds him of the time he spent in Gladwin, Michigan.
  4.  Bad Moon RisingCreedence Clearwater Revival –Bruce is into CCR because to him, John Fogerty has a “great rock voice.” Just listen to him wail on Fortunate Son. That’s what I’m talking about!
  5.  Time in a BottleJim Croce – Unfortunately, this song conjures up images for me of Ken Jeong singing in an elevator during the Hangover 2. For Bruce, he played this on a loop after he got divorced. His assessment of Croce as a songwriter, “Croce was a poet, you know? So, he’s always slamming doors and jeans drop on the floor and see you later.” Brilliant!

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For more insight into Campbell’s musical taste, check out the KCRW podcast below:

What do you think of Bruce’s top five? Do you like 70s rock? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. We want to hear from you!