Friday the 13th Part V: Is Roy Burns really Michael Myers?


Why is the backstory of Friday the 13th Part V copycat killer Roy Burns so mysterious? Maybe it’s because he’s Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise.

Greetings, ghoulies!

This may be an unpopular theory among fans after reading this article’s headline, but hear me out: I’m going to explain to you that there may be a potential slasher expanded universe that not only includes Freddy and Jason, but Michael Myers as well.

Jason Voorhees was introduced to audiences at the end of the first Friday the 13th film, and then was a full grown adult by the second film. Most fans used suspension of disbelief (and I think the creators didn’t really have a good excuse for it either), but the overall opinion remained: he’s just a normal deranged and slightly mutated guy. He even wore normal clothes. Woodsy and rednecky, sure. But still normal clothes. He had insane amounts of strength, but Jason being deformed just leads us to believe it was part of his disfigurement. He could take blows and not only RUN after his victims, but kill them in insane ways.

This continued until the fourth installment where young Tommy Jarvis sliced into Jason’s brain with a machete, killing him (mortally, anyway). Jason was then in a grave where he would later be resurrected in Part 6 as immortal zombie Jason (doesn’t run and cannot be killed by conventional means).

In between, A New Beginning introduces us to a Jason Voorhees imposter: Roy Burns.

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As we all know, Roy’s son was killed at the beginning of the movie by recklessness. You can see it in Roy’s eyes that he’s killed before. Halloween takes place in 1978, whereas A New Beginning takes place in 1985. This gives Michael Myers enough time to start a new life and mend his wounds from the events in Haddonfield at the hands of Dr. Loomis.

This is also the first Friday the 13th film where we see “Jason” wearing a blue mechanic jumpsuit — let’s not forget that’s also what Michael wears in Halloween.

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Out of the asylum and recovering from a near-death experience from a psychotic episode, Michael decides to become a paramedic and have a son with a woman he loves. Since we’re never introduced to the boy’s mother, it’s assumed she has passed on. This leaves “Roy” the only thing he loves left in the world: his son. After his son is killed, it triggers “Roy” to become “Michael” again. Since he’s in Crystal Lake, and not wanting to be tracked down by Loomis, he dons the hockey mask to become Jason instead of the shape.

Crazy, you say? We never see the blue mechanic jumpsuit again until Jason Goes to Hell.

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And guess what? That’s “Roy” too! In Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers it’s introduced that Myers was part of a cult, which is the source of his immortality and drive to kill. So it’s not a surprise that only a spiritual relic could kill Myers: the dagger that was used at the end of the film.

This also explains how Jason is still roaming around in Freddy vs. Jason and not seemingly just “waking up” from hell. Agree to disagree? Or maybe the costume designers from those two films got Jason’s attire mixed up with Michael Myers out of confusion. That’s plausible too.

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