Ash vs Evil Dead: Optimum threatens to drop STARZ, fans lose!


Optimum, a cable television service that is owned by Altice is threatening to drop STARZ from its channel lineup.  Fans of Ash vs Evil Dead find out what you can do to prevent this action.

“The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as that.” – Atari founder Nolan Bushnell

Pick Up Your Chainsaws

Optimum, a cable provider for New York and New Jersey (their parent company is Altice) is opting to drop all STARZ channels from its lineup.  What this means for Ash vs Evil Dead fans in that area is they are in danger of losing their show!

Yesterday, series stars Bruce Campbell and Dana DeLorenzo took to Twitter to enlist fans support to #KEEPSTARZ.

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If this action takes place, STARZ loses revenue, AVED loses all important ratings and perhaps the most devastating blow of all, the fans lose! New York and New Jersey are filled with highly populated metropolitan areas.

This is definitely not good for the show since no word on a Season 4 renewal has been forthcoming. According to Optimum’s availability data, they service Manhattan, Queens and Yonkers. In New Jersey, the cable company provides service to Inglewood, Newark, Bergenfield and Paterson.

Bridgeport, Connecticut also counts Optimum as their cable provider. Plus, Optimum services some large cities in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Ohio and IndianaThe Hollywood Reporter states that the cable provider and STARZ “turned up the heat as their carriage dispute nears a New Year’s Eve deadline for a new deal.”

Fans can take some comfort in the fact that STARZ recently signed new deals with “major distribution platforms that include Verizon and Hulu.” However, that doesn’t lessen the impact of Optimum dumping the network.

What Can I Do?

This is unfortunately happening but fans can get their voices heard. STARZ tells you how to do it:

Go to their page.

Call Altice, your Optimum provider at 844-71-STARZ or send them a message on social media.

Just click on the Facebook and Twitter icons on their page, and you can leave Optimum a message right now.

Even if you don’t live in those affected areas, you can still show your support by participating in the social media campaign. The more people they hear from, the better the chances will be of Altice possibly changing their stance.

Remember to #KEEPSTARZ and #bringbackboomstick on Twitter and Facebook. With season 3 right around the corner, fans definitely don’t want to miss out on taking action!

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