Ash vs Evil Dead: The STARZ vs Optimum fight rages on indefinitely


When last we checked in on this ongoing saga, Optimum’s parent company, Altice dropped STARZ from it’s rotation. Now, STARZ has filed a cease and desist. With Ash vs Evil Dead’s premiere fast approaching, fans may miss out.

“Things are going to get a lot worse before they get worse.” – Lily Tomlin

Cease and Desist, Altice!

Fans of Ash vs Evil Dead can’t seem to catch a break. They have been fighting hard for a season 4 renewal since last summer. Now, those viewers who enjoy the series and live in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut may not see Ash Williams season 3 return on February 25th.

On January 5th, STARZ delivered a press release stating that they issued a cease and desist to Altice the parent company of Optimum. Optimum is a cable provider servicing substantial metro areas in the above-mentioned states.

This does not look very promising for either STARZ or Ash vs Evil Dead. Ratings are desperately needed for the show and without those prominent areas, this is like a one-two punch to the gut. Even the star of AVED, Bruce Campbell jumped online to add his voice to the mix.

This is the programmed response that he received:

Campbell countered with his trademark brand of sarcastic wit:

According to the STARZ website:

“It has come to our attention that ALTICE is providing false and misleading information to consumers with respect to our renewal negotiations and the STARZ signal. Specifically, ALTICE is advising its customers that STARZ did not engage in extension discussions with, and pulled its signal from ALTICE.”

“This is patently false. As you are well aware, while STARZ was in the midst of actively negotiating the renewal, ALTICE unilaterally pulled down the STARZ signal effective 12:01 AM January 1, 2018 without providing any prior communication or notice to STARZ or its customers.”

“STARZ demands that ALTICE stop their continuing false and misleading statements to our consumers.”

The Cowboy Channel?

AVED fans took to social media to support their favorite show. Optimum’s timelines on Twitter and Facebook were getting blown up. Several viewers were told that “alternate” programming was available such as the Cowboy Channel.

Say what? Unfortunately, this is true. You can visit their website by clicking on the link above. One of their offerings is western fashion. Is this good marketing for some of their target demographics?

Supporters of the horror series were not impressed in the least when told that this is one of their options.

Blame Game

With both sides going back and forth the window for reconciliation is growing smaller by the minute. There are two sides to every story and hear is Altice’s response courtesy of FierceCable:

“Starz’s statements are completely false and without merit. As we have said, despite numerous attempts by Altice USA to reach a deal with Starz for continued carriage in video packages and a la carte carriage, Starz refused all offers, including an offer to extend our current arrangement.”

There could be an 11th hour save. It is possible. However, it seems like this is a definite rough patch in the negotiation process.

STARZ is urging consumers to find alternate cable sources. One of the alternatives for those tri-state AVED fans could be Verizon which does offer coverage in all three beleaguered states. From the network’s press room:

“STARZ announced a new, multi-year agreement with Verizon that extends the FiOS TV affiliation agreement. Verizon will continue to offer the full complement of STARZ offerings including premium pay TV channels, on-demand and online services.”

Meanwhile Altice is telling their consumer base:

“The streaming a la carte version of Starz is widely available, including through the portal the cable company itself markets at”

For those consumers who have thought of switching over to Netflix for season 3, it won’t be available until sometime after December 2018 and before February 2019. There are plenty of other cable providers out there to suit your needs and budget.

What Can Fans Do?

For those of you in the affected areas, pick up your phone and follow these steps from

Never underestimate the power of a phone call.

You can make sure Optimum brings back your favorite STARZ Originals. While every action helps, phone calls are the biggest way to make an impact.

Dial 844-71-STARZ

Tell Optimum you will switch to another provider if they don’t bring back STARZ

Say you refuse to pay the same for fewer channels

Make sure your voice is heard by also taking to social media. We’ve made it easy to blow up Optimum’s Facebook and Twitter feeds. Just use the links provided on the page.

There is still time for these companies to work on terms before AVED premieres on STARZ on February 25 at 9 p.m. Fingers crossed that a mutually beneficial agreement is forthcoming.

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