Ash vs Evil Dead: No mention of the series during STARZ TCA press tour


The Television Critics Association press tour is in full swing. Each network and their representatives gather together to discuss their current and upcoming programming. There was one show missing from STARZ agenda, Ash vs Evil Dead.

“If they want it, if they don’t want it, I think fans will go get it!” – Bruce Campbell on Season 4

Optimum vs STARZ Round Three

According to Deadline, Chris Albrecht, the President of STARZ was more than willing to give his views on the whole Optimum vs STARZ situation. As of January 1, Altice (parent company for Optimum) pulled the network from its roster leaving some highly populated metro areas in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut without their programming.

For shows like Power and Outlander who have huge fan bases, this loss isn’t catastrophic. However, for a niche show like Ash vs Evil Dead it could be devastating. The show is already struggling in the ratings department and this move is like a potential nail in the coffin.

According to Albrecht, “This thing is far from over,” he said of the carriage dispute. “These negotiations are always difficult. In the long haul, we will come to an agreement that works for them and works for us; I expect that we will get a deal.”

The use of the phrase “long haul” doesn’t sound like a resolution will be forthcoming in time for AVED’s February 25 season 3 debut. What happened next makes it seem like these two corporations need to go to couples counseling.

Once again, Altice issued a statement to countermand what STARZ was saying. “Despite numerous attempts by Altice USA to reach a deal, Starz refused all offers, including many offers to extend our current arrangement. We would be delighted if Starz would allow us to offer and promote their channels to any and all of our customers who want them, which they have rejected.”

“At the heart of this issue is our customers’ desire for greater flexibility and choice in our video bundles, and we will continue to advocate for their interests and to change the current model imposed by programmers.”

Um, Excuse Me, Can You Tell Me Where Ash vs Evil Dead Is?

Unfortunately, the day did not get any better for the series. In fact, no mention was made of AVED at all which is rather curious and upsetting for fans of the franchise. Instead, STARZ discussed several of their new, upcoming shows.

Sweetbitter, Counterpart, Vida, and the biggest news of the day, John Wick is coming to the network as a series. It is no secret that since Lionsgate took over the reins, a flux of changes has been occurring including their approach to programming.

They are leaning toward higher concept and highbrow shows like the limited run series based on the film Howard’s End to more documentary series. That being said, what is happening with their current slate of talent?

Chris Albrecht had this to say about the universal blockbuster, Outlander. “Outlander will continue beyond a Season 5 and even 6.” When questioned about upcoming renewals for season 5 and season 6, Albrecht replied, “I wouldn’t worry.”

The Harsh Reality

“We have joined legion of fans for Outlander around the world and our partners at Sony and we are having very productive discussions around the future of the show.” What? Wait a minute STARZ.

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Fans of AVED have been petitioning and taking to social media to express their interest in a season 4 renewal. This has been going on for almost a year now. So, why no acknowledgement of this fan base but yet you are talking to Outlander’s fans?!

It gets better or rather worse depending on how you look at the following information. Fans of Power will be overly ecstatic because 50 Cent has received an extension of his overall deal. This means that the show will run through 2019.

I understand. Power pulled in 9.3 million viewers. Outlander kills the ratings as well. STARZ and Lionsgate are running businesses but it seems like they aren’t even trying to attempt anything with Ash vs Evil Dead.

In 2015, they couldn’t wait to get AVED on the air. They were so high on the show, they gave it a season 2. Segue to 2017 and viewers of the show weren’t even certain when season 3 was going to be shown. Neither were the stars of the series!

Albrecht even discussed why Survivor’s Remorse went off the air. “It’s pretty competitive out there, and I think the show spoke to a lot of really important issues and I’m not sure there was a lot more to say.”

There was even talk surrounding the in-flux state of American Gods which had two showrunners exit. “We’re having some trouble getting the second season underway.” Albrecht went on to state that Neil Gaiman would be taking on a more traditional showrunner role.

Long Story Short

What does all this mean for the future of AVED? Will there be a Season 4 renewal? I can’t speak for Chris Albrecht or any of the other head honchos at STARZ and Lionsgate. However, I can conjecture that this isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement of confidence in the show.

The fans of this series have gone above and beyond. They have fought the good fight. What else can be done? Take to Twitter and Facebook before and after the show airs. Talk it up on social media.

This is when STARZ will be paying attention to “buzz.” Remember to #bringbackboomstick. Sign the petition.

If you DVR the show, make sure that you watch it within 3 to 5 days. Why? Because that is when ratings count for recordings. This is known as +3 and +5 in the Nielsens. If you don’t watch within that time frame, it doesn’t count.

Lastly, Ash vs Evil Dead is very lucky to have an enthusiastic and vocal fan base. Supporting the cast and all their efforts is important as well. With Season 3 looming on the horizon February 25, it won’t be long until everyone visits Elk Grove again.

In the end, thank you to Rob Tapert, Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless, Dana DeLorenzo, Ray Santiago, Arielle Carver-O’Neill, Lindsay Farris and all the crew that make this show possible. It has definitely been “groovy.”

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Ash vs Evil Dead starts February 25 at 9 p.m. on STARZ.  How do you feel about the TCA press tour news? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.