Ash Wednesday: Bruce Campbell in Josh Becker’s Spine Chillers


Welcome to this week’s installment of Ash Wednesday! Direct from the vault at 1428 Elm, we present Josh Becker’s web series, Spine Chillers with a very special guest star, Bruce Campbell!

“Hey freaks! Hey losers! What are you watching this show for?” – Bruce Campbell


My ongoing mission every week for Ash Wednesday is to lollygag down the road less traveled in search of rare Bruce Campbell footage. This particular day, I have hit the proverbial jackpot. I happened to stumble upon Josh Becker’s web series, Spine Chillers.

For those of you hardcore Campbell fans, you know that Josh is part of the “Michigan Mafia” crew. He is a talented writer and director who is responsible for one of my favorite Bruce movies, Running Time as well as a fun B selection, Alien Apocalypse.

The premise behind this 16:11 short, a lonely widow named Karin (Carol Ilku) attempts to do online dating without success. She becomes suspicious when she gets stood up for a third time. Each failed encounter results in a very nasty email designed to wear her down.

Wondering if something wonky is going on with her computer, she enlists her nerdy friend Ron (Robert J. Gordinier) to check it out. What they discover is her system is haunted by an angry wraith. A wraith according to Merriam-Webster is the “exact likeness of a living person seen usually just before death as an apparition; ghost, specter.”

Spooked by this turn of events, Ron enlists his friend, paranormal investigator, Raul O’Hara (Paul Bradley Harris) to lend a hand.  Raul determines that the wraith is the result of the bio matter in the basement where Karin’s husband killed himself.

Obviously, this isn’t your typical exorcism. Crazy things happen and at one point you question whether or not you are on an LSD trip. O’Hara expels Karin’s ex-husband from her home and things return to normal.


This short was a perfect marriage of horror and comedy. It harkens back to Becker’s days as one of the Super 8 gang that eventually created the “splatstick” masterpiece, Evil Dead.  Here is where it gets extra special.

At the 4:26 mark a picture of a man with dark hair and a beard flashes on the screen. If you look very closely, it is a recognizable face. Ron states, “he’s a model!” Then another photo pops on screen at 4:31. Have you guessed who it is by now?

Ash Wednesday – Bruce Campbell 2 – Spine Chillers – The Wraith – Tres Hombres Productions Ash Wednesday- Bruce Campbell 4- Spine Chillers – The Wraith -Courtesy of Tres Hombres Productions

The “model” is none other than Bruce Campbell! Wait it gets better. At 15:50, Campbell appears again with a special message for viewers.

Pretty groovy! You can check out other Josh Becker shorts in the Spine Chillers series on You Tube.

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