Top 5 final girls in horror films (casually killed off in the sequel)

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1. Laurie Strode (Halloween 1, 2, and H20)

Halloween H20 has what would have been a perfect ending to the franchise. Longtime nemesis Laurie Strode finally gets the upper hand against Michael, cutting his head clean off and finally putting an end to this nightmare. But the franchise was still far from over…

In the widely-panned sequel Halloween: Resurrection, the unthinkable happens in the opening scenes of the film. It is revealed that Michael actually placed his mask onto that of a paramedic, and Laurie beheaded the wrong person. The event has driven Laurie insane and she now lives in a psychiatric facility.

There, Michael tracks her down, leading to a showdown on the roof of the building. Once again, Laurie gets the advantage, hanging Michael upside-down by his leg. She can go for the kill, but decides to try unmasking him first, just to be sure there’s not an EMT underneath this time. Of course, this gives Michael the chance to grab her and stab her, something he’s been wanting to do for decades. Laurie kisses Michael goodbye through the mask before plunging to her apparent death.

Fortunately, Jamie Lee Curtis is getting another chance to correct this mistake in this year’s Halloween film, which ignores the other sequels in the series. I’m usually not a big fan of retcons, but in this case, I couldn’t be happier about it.

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