Friday the 13th: Kane Hodder doc lands distribution with summer release


After playing conventions around the world, Masterfully Macabre Entertainment’s To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story is coming this summer.

Terror titans, Jason Voorhees is coming back from hell…

According to Dread Central, the story of Kane Hodder is making its way to fans. After debuting at legendary FrightFest convention last August, To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story is coming  this July. The move comes as Masterfully Macabre Entertainment finds a distributor in Epic Pictures Group and Dread Central Presents. Currently, there’s no word on if this will be home video only or get a limited theatrical release.

Here’s what director Derek Dennis Herbert is saying about bringing the documentary home:

"“Dread Central Presents is the perfect distributor to release our film, To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story, because of how ingrained Kane Hodder is in the horror genre. The passion and dedication of Dread Central through the years is exactly why they are the perfect fit for this horror adjacent, human-interest documentary."

Herbert, who made the film with longtime friend and producer Andrew Barcello, goes on to elaborate on how the doc came to the screen:

"“Making this film was a labor of love that took nearly two years of filming to complete, but we’re very proud of the results and know that audiences worldwide will love Kane’s story of overcoming bullying, a horrifying burn accident, and building his career from the ground up. I hope fans will see what it took for Kane to become the man he is today and help them with similar struggles in their own lives. It’s always easier to get through something when you have someone you admire in your corner, and that’s what Kane does in this story. He is raw and rough and gives you a film that you’ll be laughing, crying, and cheering throughout!”"

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They say everything happens for a reason….it’s stories like this that make a believer out of me.

While few have seen the documentary, we got a chance to review the movie and it’s simply stunning. Transcending the average horror documentary, To Hell and Back gives viewers a look inside the career of Hodder — but so much more. I promise, if you don’t tear up a little your first time through, you aren’t human.

We’ll bring you more information, including artwork and special features of the eventual Blu-ray, as soon as they become available. This story is developing.

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