Ash vs Evil Dead: Papa’s getting wasted tonight — that crazy Ash!


Oh, Ash Williams is back with more crazy parenting advice in another Ash vs Evil Dead “Who’s Your Daddy?” moment. It may not be politically correct but it is totally awesome!

“Kids and parties go together like hookers and hand jobs.” – Ash Williams

This Is Not Your Grandparents Advice

STARZ released another promo for Ash vs Evil Dead today that is absolutely hysterical. In another segment of “Who’s Your Daddy?”, our chainsaw handed hero, Ash Williams, is dispensing even more ridiculous parenting advice.

This time he speaks to dealing with unruly teenagers. Yes, he is the PERFECT person to address that behavior. I mean, who better than a guy who bangs a random chick in a dive bar bathroom or gets totally wasted and then reads from the Book of the Dead?

In his own words on offspring, “They booze, they smoke, they get high, they screw. How do you handle this?”  You know that what is about to come next is definitely not going to be found in any childrearing manuals.  Wait for it……. wait for it……

“Simple. You tag along!” Now, that was a response worth waiting for. Looks like his daughter, Brandy (Arielle Carver-O’Neill) is going to have her hands full dealing with her cantankerous and partying Pops. Then again, she did question how they could even share the same DNA.

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll

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Truth be told, fans were pretty shocked when Bruce Campbell dropped the bombshell this past summer that Ash was a father. We knew he had crazy sex but how did we know it would lead to a kid? Well, just take a look at the whacked-out Vegas wedding photo with Ash and Brandy’s mama, Candy (Katrina Hobbs)  to get a clue.

In all seriousness, this season is going to bring about monumental changes for everyone in Ash’s universe including his daughter. What I am personally looking forward to seeing is the interaction between him and his offspring.

According to interviews that Campbell has given, there will be “reconciliation that will have to happen” between father and daughter. Which will probably commence with him having to get to know her name. It isn’t Mandy or Sandy, Ash.

“It’s Brandy. And (expletive) you!” I feel a “Father of the Year” award will be coming for him in the near future.

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 starts on February 25 at 9 p.m. on STARZ.

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