Bruce Campbell: Other Men’s Careers documentary coming this summer!


Did you know Bruce Campbell is going to be in a documentary called Other Men’s Careers? It is due out this summer and we’ve got the details!

I’m not really that sick of Evil Dead. I can trace all roots back to The Evil Dead movies, so I have nothing against them. It’s just that I’ve done more non-Evil Dead stuff; it’s not the only thing I’ve done.” – Bruce Campbell 

What We Know

Actor/Producer Michael Bugard tweeted an announcement that Bruce Campbell, star of Ash vs Evil Dead would be appearing in a documentary directed by Christopher J. Dinnan entitled, Other Men’s Careers.  Due out this summer, Campbell was interviewed for his part in the indie production at the Redford Theater in his hometown of Detroit.

Also featured in the film is Gary Jones, a director and visual effects artist known for directing Hercules and Xena: Warrior Princess. He also did the visual FX on A Tale of Two Coreys, as well as the upcoming Ouija House with Dee Wallace.

Joe LoDuca, the brilliant composer behind Ash vs Evil Dead, Morning, Noon &Night, Evil Dead and Xena is also profiled along with Tom Sullivan the FX wizard for the Evil Dead.

The Ties That Bind

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What do all these men have in common besides being from the Wolverine state? Well, at one time they have all worked with director Josh Becker. Becker is one of the original members of the “Michigan Mafia” which featured Campbell, Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, John Cameron and Scott Spiegel.

As fans of Bruce and Sam know this crew is largely responsible for those fabulous Super 8 comedies like the Blind Waiter. They were also responsible for the legendary horror cult movie, The Evil Dead.

Bugard recently was the still photographer on the upcoming Josh Becker release, Morning, Noon and Night. Director Dinnan was involved with Becker’s award-winning web series, Spine Chillers. He happened to be featured in the episode with the surprise Bruce Campbell appearance, the Wraith.

Gary Jones was involved with Xena and Hercules which were produced by Rob Tapert and Campbell portrayed the character of Autolycus on both shows. Joe LoDuca and Tom Sullivan have also participated in efforts featuring  Becker, Tapert, Campbell and Raimi.

I am certain that Campbell fans everywhere will be anticipating this documentary. At 1428 Elm, we will keep you posted as more details are forthcoming.

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