Irrational Fear (2017): Recklessly fun, rationally bloody good time (Review)


Whether it’s spiders or heights, everyone is scared of something.  But sometimes, people can become frightened by some Irrational Fear.

I think everyone has fears that are ridiculously irrational. I myself have an embarrassing amount. Although I know they’re absurd, it’s still a fear paralyzing and sometimes stoping me from doing things in life that I love or dream of doing. But what if there was a cure? What if you no longer had to live in fear?

In the new indie horror film Irrational Fear, six therapy patients come together to a secluded cabin to confront their fears. Things quickly take a turn for the worst when they discover their fears won’t just hurt them but can kill them as well. Will any of them survive? 

Irrational Fear is directed by Hunter Johnson as well as co-written by Johnson and Kevin Sommerfield; both star in the film as well. The film also stars Chad Moseley, Jennifer Nangle, Baker Chase Powell, Charles Chudabala and Leah Wiseman.

This indie horror delivers a fun, thrilling story that kept my interest throughout the entire runtime. It was recklessly fun and a bloody good time. There’s a few twists and turns as well, stellar performances from a talented cast and some wickedly awesome scenes that made me cringe.

I will say although I enjoyed the twists and turns, some of it was easily predictable. I was hoping for more, but either way, I still enjoyed the film.

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I loved the characters and their assortment of irrational fears. My two favorite ones were probably the fear of rotting teeth and the fear of not being perfect.

Growing up, my mom always had nightmares of losing teeth (they would all fall out). She also had an extreme fear of the dentist, so I could relate to this one quite a bit. Jenn Nangle’s character is the one who has a fear of not being perfect/beautiful; a ridiculously self-absorbant fear but one that I know some have. I wish I could have seen more of this fear develop as I think a lot could have been done with it.

The standout performances to me were definitely delivered by Baker Chase Powell and Cati Glidewell. Baker has a certain charisma about him and you can’t take your eyes off the screen when he’s performing. I enjoyed his character and his sympathy for others.

Cati had a strong presence about her; exquisite badassery. I thought she took control when things went haywire and didn’t take shit from anyone. I also must mention Charles Chudabala, who’s character cracked me up. I love the angle his role went.

Towards the end, there’s a cringe-worthy scene involving Thomas McCarthy’s character. Let’s just say it involves ripping out teeth and it made my stomach turn. But that’s the spoiler juice I’m giving you until you watch it!

Final Thoughts

It’s always found it interesting to know/see what others fear. Some are common, while others are borderline bizarre (but who am to judge?) It was awesome seeing the people in Irrational Fear having no choice but to come face to face with their fears no matter the end result. It’s terrifying but liberating. I’ve always loved Hunter Johnson’s work and this is a fun one to kick back and enjoy the next time you have a free weekend!

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Have you seen Irrational Fears? Hoping the movie doesn’t bring up some forgotten fears? Let the other horror heads know what you think in the comment section below.