Ash vs Evil Dead: Fans, are you ready for #BringBackBoomstick phase 2?


Last year at 1428 Elm we started #BringBackBoomstick which was a call to action for Ash vs Evil Dead fans to unite to try and get the show a Season 4 renewal from STARZ. Now that Season 3 is set to premiere on February 25, it is time to “walk the walk.”

“Actions speak louder than words.” – Abraham Lincoln

The Time Is Now – Step 1

In November of last year, I published an article encouraging Ash vs Evil Dead fans to stay engaged on social media. With the advent of the show premiering on February 25, now it is time to apply that knowledge.

Nielsen is the company that tracks ratings for all television shows. They have been the standard for years. In 2016, they launched Social Content Ratings. The idea behind this metric is to capture viewers activities on Twitter and Facebook.

STARZ can “see” the “buzz” surrounding AVED on a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week basis. That being said it is VERY important to start talking about the show before and after it airs. We need to keep the conversation going.


Beginning with the start of Season 3, I will be leading a live tweeting of AVED along with @WeirdoAnthony. This will occur every Sunday for the duration of the series beginning at 8 pm EST. ALL fans are welcome to participate.

The hashtag that we will use will be #AshvsEvilDead. Also, you can “enter” the tweeting session by doing a # search and then going to the heading of “Latest.” Let’s also make sure to use #BringBackBoomstick in tweets as well.

For those of you in different time zones, you can join us if you are able or you can start your own event based on the area in which you live. The more people we have chattering about the show, the more STARZ will start to understand that there are viewers out there.

If you are not on Twitter but are on Facebook, grab your friends and have a “viewing party.” Talk about the show via posts. The same principle for Twitter can be applied.

Social media events can go a long way toward obtaining a Season 4 renewal. However, this isn’t the only way to get STARZ attention.

Watch Now! – Step 2

In an interview with Review Fix, Bruce Campbell had quite a bit to say to fans hoping for a Season 4 renewal. For those fans who don’t want to pay for STARZ or a STARZ approved provider and think that they will get around to watching the show eventually on their particular platform, Campbell says think again. “Dude, it may be gone by the time it gets to your platform.”

He also went on to say, “If you want the show to stay on the air, you have to put money into the pockets of the company that makes the show. It’s just that simple. If you don’t, the show goes off the air.”

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Series live or die with ratings. Especially for shows like AVED that exist on a smaller platform than HBO or Showtime. Every viewer is important and can do their part to try and get the series a renewal.

First of all, subscribe to STARZ or launch the app. Some fans only add STARZ to their cable package right before AVED airs. If you don’t have STARZ available in your area, there are other network approved methods of watching the show.

In order to count toward ratings, it is recommended that viewers watch the show when it happens. In other words, sooner rather than later. If you think, “Oh, I don’t need to watch AVED right now. I can catch it on Netflix or another platform.” That probably isn’t the case.

Unfortunately, like Campbell says the show may be unavailable by then. Netflix has projected that Season 3 won’t be available until 2019.

Live-Plus-Three and Live-Plus-Seven

Sometimes it isn’t feasible to watch a show when it airs. Conflicts occur all the time in life. When that happens, most people DVR their favorite program.

A common question is does this count toward ratings? The answer is yes! According to howstuffworks, Live Plus ratings can make a big difference when a large portion of a show’s fans are watching on their DVRs.

DVR ratings are known as Live-Plus-Three and Live-Plus-Seven. This is EXTREMELY important to remember. Once you DVR AVED, you only have a 3 to 7-day window to watch the episode in order for your viewing to count toward ratings.

There you have it. Keep the buzz going, talk about AVED on all social media platforms, watch the show when it airs or if you DVR watch within 3 to 7 days. Remember to #AshvsEvilDead and #BringBackBoomstick.

STARZ is watching. Let’s make sure our voices are loud enough so that they hear us. Season 4 renewal!

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Will you participate in Live Tweeting and Facebook discussions? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.