Ash vs Evil Dead: Lindsay Farris — a knight in leather — James Dean vibe


A knight of Sumeria, Lindsey Farris is brooding, mysterious and possibly a rival for the affections of Kelly Maxwell (Dana DeLorenzo). Find out more about the James Dean of horror!

“You are the prophesized one.” – Dalton

Sir Dalton of Elk Grove

Australian actor, Lindsay Farris is one of the new additions to the Ash vs Evil Dead  Season 3 cast. His character, Dalton, is a member of the ancient order of the Knights of Sumeria. Landing in Elk Grove, he joins forces with Kelly Maxwell (Dana DeLorenzo) to fight evil as well as to meet Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) the “Prophesized One.”

When I was in Los Angeles, I sat down with Lindsay to discuss Ash vs Evil Dead’s hazing ritual, Knights of Sumeria mythology and tangling with Deadites!

Good Luck with That!

Ash vs Evil Dead – Lindsay Farris – Season 3 Promo Pic – Courtesy of STARZ-Lionsgate

1428 Elm: Lindsay, since this show is known for its fast pace, were you prepared for it? Did anyone show you the ropes so to speak?

Lindsay Farris: Look, the hazing ritual I had, the first time I ever met Bruce Campbell, we were at a welcoming party at Lucy Lawless and Rob Tapert’s house. It was the first time I had ever really met Bruce.

I went up to him and said, “Hi, nice to meet you.  I’m Lindsay. I’m playing Dalton.” He was like, “Oh, yeah. You’re shooting tomorrow.” Which I was and my first scene was this five or six-page monologue that sums up pretty much what has happened previously and where Season 3 is going to go and the history of the whole Knights of Sumeria and who we are.

I said to Bruce, “I’m shooting tomorrow and I have this big monologue.” He said, “Oh, I had one of those in Season 1.” Ash basically says what he has been doing for twenty years.

So, I asked him, “Do you have any advice for tomorrow?” He went, “Yeah. Good luck with that.” That was my welcome to the show. I thought, okay and then you kind of just do it. That was my hazing ritual.

There is no way to prepare. There’s no time.

Deadite Tango


1428 Elm: Has Dalton tangled with the Deadites before? Is he well versed in combatting them or is it like a mythology that he has heard of and never experienced?

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LF: I have always imagined that the other Knights of Sumeria are off becoming lawyers, dentists and physiotherapists. He’s kind of holding on to this really ancient mythology about this man who is going to come and fight evil in our contemporary world.

Like what is this evil that is coming? Who is this guy that is going to change the way the battle unfolds? So, he knows all of the theory but is kind of clinging to these whispers of dreams.

When he meets Kelly, it’s like two magnets around his identity. The tradeoff is kind of like an upskilling because Dalton has all of this old mythology and knowledge about Sumeria and the ancient components of the evil that we often see with Ruby.

He is training Kelly in that world and that is why Dalton is sort of suspicious about Pablo (Ray Santiago). Perhaps it’s Pablo’s tattoos. The trade off is sure, I’ll introduce you to the Deadites and the evil so that you can get your first taste at it.

Practical Application

Ash vs Evil Dead – Lindsay at NYCC Comic Con – Courtesy of Dia Dipasupil-Getty Images North America

LF (Cont.): He’s like a brain surgeon that has never cut open a head. You know, he’s read all the books and has all the knowledge but he’s never been able to put it to use.

I don’t think Dalton is expecting this evil to be a mascot with funny teeth in a high school. The reality is much more different than he originally thought.

Looks like Dalton is going to have to be a fast learner when it comes to those pesky Deadites. However, much like Ash, his mettle will be tested as well. Will he emerge as a hero?

Find out Feb . 25 when Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 starts Feb. 25 on STARZ at 9 p.m.

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