Ghost Wars on Syfy: Join the phantom fight!


We’re watching through Ghost Wars on Syfy and today we’re recapping and reviewing episodes 7, 8, and 9 of the show’s first season.

Whistle Past the Graveyard (Episode 107)

Roman (Avan Jogia) has noticed the ghosts gathering in groups around the church and goes off to investigate why. The town loses all power, and this gives the ghosts strength. Every citizen experiences something terrible with their beloved dead.  Reverend Dan (Vincent D’Onofrio) with the help of some locals has the church all wired up with power. Everyone in town gathers there for safety.  Realizing they can’t stay in the church forever, a group volunteers to see what’s wrong with the dam that supplies the power.

Billy (Kim Coates), Landis (Kandyse McClure), Roman and Reverend Dan, discover that the ghosts had sent dead animals into the dam to clog it up. The men open a big fan and begin pulling out the carcasses. For some reason, the ghost Maggie Rennie (Elise Gatien) picks now to transport Roman back into a vision to show him that his mother did not run out on him, but rather was run out of town – by Reverend Dan no less. Now Roman is seeking different answers.

Meanwhile back at the church, Sophia Moon (Sharon Taylor) sees her dead son Marcus (Chance Hurstfield), and he leads her down into the basement of the church. Tucked away in a secret room, is a glowing amber orb, and another of the weird amniotic sac’s that sucked up the twin. She touches it, and it sucks her in.

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As the men finally get the fan cleared, Billy goes to throw the breaker and gets electrocuted to death.

Two Graves (Episode 108)

Landis performed CPR on Billy and then as his heart beats they rush him off to Lambda for medical care. Now he is in a coma, and his ghost is hovering about watching. He floats off to find Roman and ask how he can come back to the living. Roman is angry at Billy, having found out that he helped Reverend Dan run his mom out of town. On his own Billy now finds himself in a strange room with a giant turbine-like machine. Something draws him to it, and he touches it. With a powerful jolt, he’s instantly transported back to his body and lives again.

Roman confronts Reverend Dan about his mother. He learns that she was using her powers for blackmail, or so Dan says. And as he was driving her from the town he had a car accident, and she died. Now, for the first time, Roman’s mom comes back to see him.

Over at the church, Sophia emerges from the weird sack in the basement, with a new purpose.

Post-Apocalypse Now (Episode 109)

Landis is working closely with Billy, try to get him to remember everything that he saw in his spirit form when they spot a helicopter on the security camera. They go rushing off to receive help. But when they get to the copter, they discover the Lambda headquarters aren’t there to help them. This is a bit hard to fathom, that if no one else can enter or exit the town, why can they?

One of the Lambda CEO’s Daphne Holt (Carmel Amit) informs Landis that she is going to restart the accelerator, thinking it will solve the issue.  Landis tries to stop her and gets her entry passes in Lambda revoked.

Out in the town, Reverend Dan notices Sophia acting weird. When he goes to her, she leads him into a house with another of the amniotic sacs and pushes him before it.

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Tune in to Ghost Wars on SYFY and find out what these creepers are planning.