Bruce Campbell on Ash vs Evil Dead: ‘You wouldn’t get that with a movie!’


In an interview with Fox News, Bruce Campbell talked about the possibility of an Evil Dead movie. His answer will surprise some fans.

“We’re fortunate to be able to bring this character back.” – Bruce Campbell on Ash Williams

Will They or Won’t They?

The notion of an Evil Dead 4 film or Army of Darkness 2 film has been kicking around for years. Back in 2013, Coming Soon reported that Bruce Campbell, the man that has brought Ash Williams to life for almost 40 years stated that the reports were bulls***.

“It’s all Internet b.s. – there’s no reality whatsoever.  These random comments slip out of my mouth or Sam Raimi’s mouth, next thing you know, we’re making a sequel.” He also went on to state that he felt bad for the fans holding on to hope.

So, segue to 2016 at Comic Con and the question comes up once again. Apparently, it seems to be cyclical. According to Horror Freak News, “Sam Raimi and Campbell had teased fans that more franchise films were in the works—3 actually. The first would be a direct sequel to Fede Alvarez’s remake, to be titled Evil Dead 2. “

“Next, Raimi/Campbell said fans could then look forward to an Army of Darkness sequel (aka Evil Dead 4). The third film was to marry both franchises into a single cohesive timeline.” So, of course, this amped up the franchise diehards into thinking it was definitely going to happen.

Then they were annoyed because once Ash vs Evil Dead was announced it seemed as if their hopes were dashed again. But then, Rob Tapert at a Comic Con kept the faith alive by stating that “Nothing’s off the table.”

Round Two or Three?

He went on to say that “Sam talked for many years teasing the world that we were going to make Evil Dead 4 and that kind of turned into a TV series.” Now, in 2018 speculation has risen again partly due to the fact that AVED is in television limbo and hasn’t been renewed yet by STARZ.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bruce was once again asked about an ED franchise movie. “If they (STARZ) take us off the air, we can think about another movie.” Immediately the internet was buzzing. Could this be happening? Is this for real?

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Well, in a recent chat with Fox News, Campbell had something decidedly different to say. In response to the ancient inquiry, “We made this show in response to fans demanding a movie. Don’t be holding your breath too long. If you think about it by the time we’re done with Season 3, that’s 15 fresh hours of new material. You wouldn’t get that with a movie.”

He is absolutely right. If you think about it, the Ash of Army of Darkness was the genesis for the middle-aged Ash of AVED. We began to really get the one liners and the humor of that character in that film.

“Ah well……. well that’s just what we call ‘pillow talk’ baby.  That’s all.” You could almost hear 59-year-old Ash utter that same quote today. Perhaps a bit cruder but you get the picture.

AVED could feasibly be seen as an extended Evil Dead film. Especially with Season 3, cinematic touches abound and were readily apparent in the first episode.

Never Say Never

For months, Campbell and the rest of the cast have been intimating that this year is going to blow fans’ minds. Pretty much, the storyline is constructed so that if in Mid-March they get a “hit the road” from STARZ, their loyal minions will not be disappointed.

Hopefully, that won’t be the case. Bruce has said he is up for 5 seasons and the cast is down for it as well. If fans continue to support the show, watch it when it airs, there is the possibility that Ash could be back for Season 4.

In the end, no one really has a crystal ball to say what will happen down the line. Sam Raimi is currently negotiating to helm the screen adaptation of Patrick RothfussThe Name of the Wind. His plate is probably going to be pretty full.

If AVED continues Bruce Campbell will obviously be busy as well. Never say never, as Campbell is fond of saying. After this season, the landscape will be drastically altered and who knows what the future holds.

Catch Ash vs Evil Dead Sundays on STARZ at 9 p.m.

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