Ash vs Evil Dead: Initial ratings are in, so where are the fans?


Season 3 of Starz series Ash vs Evil Dead came back Sunday after a long time in limbo. Initial ratings are in and they aren’t looking good.

“If you want the show to stay on the air, you have to put money into the pockets of the company that makes the show. It’s just that simple. If you don’t, the show goes off the air.” – Bruce Campbell

Critics Dig It

Ash vs Evil Dead had its long-anticipated premiere on STARZ Sunday. Critic reviews have been favorable. However, the Nielsen’s released initial ratings and the prognosis is not as bright.

Ever since the show ended its Season 2 run in December 2016, fans had been clamoring for the series return. They were starting petitions, online movements, even bombarding STARZ with emails, tweets and Facebook posts. Now that AVED is on the air, one would have thought all those concerned viewers would have tuned in.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Which begs the question — if they wanted the show back why aren’t they watching? Leading up to the premiere; Bruce Campbell, Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo and Lindsay Farris had been telling everyone who watches the show download the STARZ app, subscribe to their service or an approved provider.

Ash vs Evil Dead — Courtesy of STARZ

The most important message came from Bruce. Watch live. He also reminded fans consistently that content on Ash vs Evil Dead is unrestricted. They wouldn’t get the amount of splatstick on any other network. So, obviously you have to pay for that content.

Actually, that is the way life operates. If you get a service, you need to pay for it. That is the bottom line.

However, some fans think that they can watch the show whenever they want because it will still be there. Campbell and company are just being drastic. I’ll get to it, when I get to it.

The problem is by the time those fans “get to it” there may not be a show. They haven’t been cancelled but AVED has not been renewed for Season 4. That’s why viewers who say they love the series must do all they can if they want it to return.

R Is for Ratings

Television is a numbers game and networks base a show’s success on several factors — ratings are important. Since we are talking about STARZ, they want to see how many viewers are tuning into their series.

Basically, like any other business, they want to see if their money is well spent. Ratings also determine whether a show should be renewed or cancelled. Let’s take a look at AVED’s premiere ratings courtesy of Nielsen and TV Series Finale.

Ash vs Evil Dead – Nielsen Ratings for Premiere Night – Courtesy of TV Series Finale and Nielsen

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18-49 demographic is the age of the people tuning into the show. That figure in 2016 was 0.16. As you can see in the demo change column, they are down 52.38%.

Next you have the total number of viewers who watched the show. In 2016, 308k people tuned in to see the premiere. This year only 225k fans showed up for Ash. The audience has dropped 48.39% from two years ago.

Now, the app, subscription services, DVR views must be factored in soon. However, fans need to be concerned. AVED had to contend with the Walking Dead premiere (which wasn’t stellar) as well as the end of the Olympics.

A better gauge of what path the series is on will be the ratings after episode 2 airs March 4. Since the show is easing into normalcy, meaning there won’t be a “special” event like the Winter Games going on.

The bottom line is fans need to watch this show “live” through STARZ or a STARZ provider. Live means the day that the show airs, in this case it would be March 4. DVR does count toward ratings but only if you view the program within the 3 to 7-day timeframe.

What Can I Do?

Before March 4, follow the advice of the cast of AVED. If you haven’t already, download the STARZ app (you can check what deals are available) or subscribe to the network or an approved provider.

Watch the day the show airs on STARZ. If you are a fan of the Walking Dead and Ash, DVR TWD. You can view Daryl, Negan and company after AVED airs on the SAME day. Win-win for both programs!

Show your support of the series on social media using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Nielsen measures social content ratings and provides them to STARZ. They do pay attention!

Catch Ash vs Evil Dead every Sunday at 9 p.m, only on STARZ.

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