Friday the 13th Game: Major update coming to include legendary perks


With Friday the 13th: The Game almost in homes for a year, Gun Media is overhauling the perk system, adding new Legendary Perks in the process.

The Friday the 13th: The Game experience is changing once again….

According to the official forms, get ready for a complete perk overhaul. Since its release, Friday the 13th: The Game has seen many changes. We’ve seen new maps, characters and friendly fire altered in the horror hit. Now in an upcoming update, we’re getting a compete perk overhaul, including new “Legendary Perks” and help for the color blind.

Here’s what ShiftySamurai, Gun Media community leader, is saying about the upcoming update:

“Today is all about Perks, and the first thing we want to talk about is a slight reworking of the UI which is designed to help players who live with certain types of color blindness. Each perk, as well as the Perk Legend, will include a numerical value of 1 through 6 as a visual indicator of Perk rarity. 1 being for Poor Perks, while 6 will denote Legendary Perks (more on that later in this post).

Next up, let’s share some value changes that we are making to Perks.

Easy Listening – Radio proximity recharge rate boost:

  • Old Value: 1-10%
  • New Value: 10-40%

 Motorboating – Boat movement speed increase

  • Old Value: 1-15%
  • New Value: 5-35%

Man at Arms – Weapon durability increase

  • Old Value: 5-25%
  • New Value: 5-15%

 My Dads a Cop – Cop arrival time reduction

  • Old Value: -5 – -30%
  • New Value: -5 – -25%

 Quiet Swimmer – Sense detection chance reduction

  • Old Value: 1-25%
  • New Value: 5-20%

 Lead Foot – Car speed increase

  • Old Value: 1-10%
  • New Value: 5-20%

Aquanaut – Swimming speed increase

  • Old Value: 1-15%
  • New Value: 5-35%

Finally, we would like to introduce Legendary Perks. Legendary Perks have all the benefits of the Perks that you know and love, but they also include a Legendary Stat Bonus. A Legendary Stat Bonus is a small value increase to a predetermined stat.”

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While the release date isn’t being given, this is seriously exciting. Fans who can’t visually register the perk levels due to color blindness are now getting a numerical system. Instead of using the colors to determine strength, perks will now have a 1-6 value attached.

And speaking of perks, those are fundamentally changing as well. As you can see above, some perks will change value. But on top of that, we’re getting new “Legendary Perks.” These will act just like regular perks but with an extra boost. So say you get a Medic perk, you may start with multiple first-aid sprays and boasts to other stats. So basically it’s like regular perks but on steroids.

Currently, the update has no release date. 1428 Elm will let you campers know when we have word.

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Fan of the Friday the 13th game? Looking forward to the perk overhaul? Let the other camp counselors know what you think in the comment section below.