Ash vs Evil Dead: Booth Three, man sauce and an ’80s video

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Last night’s episode Booth Three will definitely be a water cooler topic. From Ash’s search for his man sauce recipients to a brilliant homage to a popular 1985 video, Ash vs Evil Dead is all about hitting its stride.

Ash vs Evil Dead – Bruce Campbell – Evil can’t take my balls – Courtesy of STARZ

“As you know, I’ve supported clinics like this for years and years. It’s been my life’s work.” – Ash Williams

***SPOILER ALERT*** (Tons of spoilers ahead. There you are warned.)

Birth, Life and Death

Ash vs Evil Dead – Giving Birth to Alien – Courtesy of STARZ

Wasting no time, in the very first scene we witness an Alienesque type birth. Ruby (Lucy Lawless) spawns a chest buster, which leaves her for dead. Enter a hapless hitchhiker who is too curious for his own good and he ends up resurrecting Ruby.

Turns out her demon spawn/half Ash hybrid is going to be a hungry little handful. Oh, did we mention he has a taste for human flesh? Yummy.

Father Knows Best

What I am liking the most about this season is the way it just gets down and dirty from the get go. No awkward expositions, no cumbersome openers. Much like Ash, it’s a pedal to the metal experience. We already have the 411 on Mandy, oops, I mean Brandy (Arielle Carver-O’Neill) and her relationship with the old sperm shooter, aka her Pops, Ash.

Ash (Bruce Campbell) wakes her up with the intention of spending time with her at his hardware store. Brandy has other ideas. She wants nothing to do with him and you can’t help but feel sorry for Ash. He is clearly making an effort to get to know her and she’s rejecting him at every turn.

Knights of Sumeria Explained


Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Dalton (Lindsay Farris) are at it again, circling each other suspiciously. Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) asks Dalton to explain his ancestry so that Pablito can get an idea of what they’re up against.

Dalton weaves a tale of how his ancestors, the Knights of Sumeria, were constantly fighting evil. Even one of their own named Kaya succumbed to the Necronomicon’s spell and lost her soul to the “Dark Ones.”

Legend states that the only one who can defeat them is the Prophesized One, aka Ash Williams.

Candy with the Can-Do Attitude

Ash vs Evil Dead – Candy with the Can Do attitude – Courtesy of STARZ

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God love Ash! He is really trying to bond with his daughter. Barely communicative, Brandy is just staring out the Delta’s window while he attempts to engage her in conversation. He tells her he is sorry about her Mom.

As a member of the viewing audience, you are sitting there thinking, this is a good start. But then because it’s Ash, the moment ends up being botched. He ruins it by recounting his wedding night in the backseat of the Classic doing the horizontal mambo with Candy.

Nice try Ash, but you are going to have to do better. Clearly, you have disgusted your daughter and she would rather talk to her guidance counselor, Ms. Prevett, than you.