Ash vs Evil Dead: Ratings for episode 2 are in and they tell a story


Last week initial ratings were released for Ash vs Evil Dead’s Season 3 premiere episode, Family. Understandably, they weren’t what the fans were hoping for. But how did the show fare in week two?

“The best shows often have low ratings.” – Boris Gelfand

What We Have Learned Thus Far

Last week, initial ratings were released for the Season 3 premiere of STARZ series, Ash vs Evil Dead, and they weren’t what fans were hoping for. As so many people pointed out, they were up against AMC’s The Walking Dead.

According to TV Series Finale, the show’s second season premiere had 308,000 viewers in 2016. Two years later, the results were less than stellar. After a monumental delay by the network, the first episode of Season 3, Family, garnered just 225,000 viewers, down 48.39%.

Now, the ratings are in for what is arguably one of the best episodes in the series history, Booth Three. Once again, there was a scheduling conflict with the 90th Academy Awards being aired on ABC. However, that particular broadcast had some of the lowest ratings in its history.

But Ash vs Evil Dead didn’t fare much better. In what fans were hoping would be a comeback, that turned out to not be the case. 171,000 thousand people tuned in which was a 24% drop from last week’s audience. Critics are enjoying the show and Booth Three received some very heady accolades.

Ash vs Evil Dead – Nielsen Ratings for Episode 2 – Booth Three – Courtesy of TV Series Finale and Nielsen

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So, what seems to be the issue? The Oscars? Perhaps, but not entirely the reason. Most of the internet chatter has revolved around the timing of the show. Fans feel that it was a bad move for STARZ to choose to air the series in February instead of October.

Others argue that the inability to get the network in some areas is making it impossible for fans to watch the show. Everyone seems to think that it should be on Netflix. Then there is a contingent that want a movie instead of a series and another who doesn’t like the show’s storyline and the evolution of Ash’s character.

Only Problems, No Resolutions

In the world of television, much like life there, will always be scheduling conflicts, different entertainment options and a sea of polarizing opinions. It is to be expected. There are ways to deal with each of those issues.

The numbers are what they are. However, for fans of Ash vs Evil Dead there is a very simple solution. Get the STARZ app, watch the show now, not later because there may not be a series to watch.

The ball is in your court. Make the decision.

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