The X-Files: Familiar – there is no getting out of this town

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When the brutal murder of a little boy happens in Eastwood, Connecticut Mulder and Scully race to track down the culprit. Is the killer the evil in our society or an ancient curse?

The X-Files – Familiar – Mulder and Scully – Courtesy of Fox

“There is no getting out of this town these days.” – Fox Mulder

Rush to Judgment

In today’s world, we are often blinded by our own beliefs and biases. It’s a part of being human, unfortunately. However, sometimes that tendency prevents us from thinking clearly. Tonight’s episode of The X-Files, entitled Familiar, deals with not only a supernatural element but a societal phenomenon as well.

People are often tried in the court of public opinion and in social media outlets. Due process is overlooked in favor of mob mentality. Benjamin Van Allen’s script deals with this fact in typical X-Files style.

When Mulder and Scully try to track down a cold-blooded killer, they are witness to the insular tight knit clannish mentality of the small town in which they find themselves. On the outside, things may appear to be white picket fences and everybody knows your name type feel but behind closed doors, when suspicions are raised, an ugly side rears its head.

We see what happens when a convicted sex offender, who actually had nothing to do with the murder of a local child, becomes a target and is nearly kicked to death. The scene is undoubtedly uncomfortable for some viewers but hits a deep chord. Is this what has become of us?

Mr. Chuckleteeth or Pee Wee Herman from Hell

The X-Files – Familiar – Mr. Chuckleteeth – Courtesy of Fox

All I can say is writer Benjamin Van Allen must REALLY have a deep dislike for the Teletubbies and Pee Wee’s Playhouse. These two cartoons are kind of prominent in the Familiar episode. Well, their demonic cousins maybe.

Pee Wee has been replaced by the malevolent Mr. Chuckleteeth and the Teletubbies, well their substitutes are the black-eyed Bibbletickles. In the very first scene we are introduced to the doll form of Mr. Chuckleteeth as young Andy Eggers (Sebastian Billingsley-Rodriguez)playing on a merry-go-round.

He gets lured into the woods by a real-life Mr. Chuckleteeth when his mother Diana (Sharon Taylor) is engrossed in a deep conversation on her cell phone. When she finishes, she turns around to find that her son is missing.

Nighttime falls and a search party of local police officers are combing the woods. One of the group, Officer Wentworth (Roger Cross) finds the mangled body of Andy. His father who is a fellow officer, Rick Eggers (Jason Gray-Stanford) cries out in anguish when he sees his son.

Hell Hound or Serial Killer?

The X-Files – Familiar – Mulder and Scully 2 – Courtesy of Fox

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Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) are on the scene. Immediately when Scully finds out that Andy had a crushed windpipe and a broken neck, she overrides the police that think it is a coyote attack. Even Mulder chimes in that it could have been a Coy-Wolf.

Always logical, Scully think the bite marks were postmortem and that it is murder. She gives a profile to the police and tells them that he is probably a resident of Eastwood and frequents the park.

When she and Mulder get back to their car they start talking about the case. Scully scoffs at his suggestion that the perpetrator was a Coy-Wolf. He informs her that he was thinking more along the lines of a hell hound.

Of course, Scully stares at him incredulously. Mulder then explains that the hell hound guards the gates of hell and that Eastwood is ground zero for that kind of supernatural activity because of the past. Apparently, a witch named Goodie Bishop spontaneously combusted and the ground is cursed.

In typical Scully fashion, she discounts what Mulder says and insists that it isn’t paranormal it is the work of evil in this world. During the course of the examination of Andy’s body, Mulder discovers salt on his ankle.

Neither he nor Scully understand why. After they finish, they discuss talking to the Chief of Police’s daughter since she was a witness.