The X-Files: Familiar – there is no getting out of this town

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Bibbletickles, Oh My!

The X-Files – Familiar – Demonic Teletubbies – Courtesy of BBC

Mulder is attempting to interview Emily Strong (Emma Oliver) the daughter of Chief Strong (Alex Carter) and Anna Strong (Erin Chambers). She doesn’t have much to say at first because her attention is taken up with the Bibbletickles.

So, Anna and Mulder start talking about her husband and how they met when they were five years old. Emily asks if she can have something to drink so Anna goes into the kitchen to accommodate her. Meanwhile, Mulder who is walking around pauses and looks at the books on witchcraft.

Anna explains that her husband is the town historian and very protective of the little burg. Right as Mulder is getting ready to respond to her, Emily pipes up from the living room, Mr. Chuckleteeth was there!

Mulder turns around and stares at the frightening visage of the children’s character.

Bad Storm Is Coming

The X-Files – Familiar – Mulder – Courtesy of Fox

At the police station, Rick Eggers is doing some research. He focuses on a sex offender named Melvin Peter. Rushing out of the “house” he jumps in a squad car leaving Officer Wentworth looking confused.

Scully is talking to Chief Strong about her suspicions that Eggers might be the culprit for his son’s murder. Strong in disbelief tells her no because he was working his shift the night Andy was murdered.

After they hear a commotion, they find out that Eggers has taken off in a whirlwind and no one knows where he is going. Strong and Scully jump in a car and tail him.

Eggers has gone to Peter’s house to confront him. When he finds out that Peter is gone, losing his cool he tosses a table over. Strong is trying to keep him calm since he and Scully are there.

While all this is happening, Mulder is back at the crime scene in the woods when Scully rings him and asks how soon he can get to Peter’s house because there is going to be a potential problem.

It just so happens Mulder looks up from his conversation with Scully to find himself looking face to face with a hell hound. Scully is outside the possible perp’s house when Mulder arrives. She gets him up to speed and tells him that they are waiting on a warrant.

Once obtained, everyone starts combing the house for clues. While Mulder is looking around, he sees the Chuckleteeth distinctive saddle shoes and a mask. He is also startled by a monkey in a cage.

Lured to Death by Tinky Winky?

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Emily is sitting on the couch watching the Bibbletickles while Anna is making her lunch. She looks outside to see a life size version of the purple Tickle staring back at her and beckoning her to come join it.

Anna is talking to her when she notices that Emily has vanished. In a panic, she runs to the open door leading to the outside patio. Mulder and Scully find themselves in the woods again. This time for the death of Emily.

Mulder explains to Scully that he believes these children were led to their deaths by familiars. Witches can cast a spell to have them do their bidding. Most people correlate them with black cats. However, they can take the form of tv characters which is what Mulder thinks is happening.

Someone is practicing witchcraft in the town. Chief Strong is there with Officer Wentworth. Mulder and Scully go to confront him and he breaks down. It seems like he is about to confess but instead he tells them that he has sinned by committing adultery with Diana Eggers.