Halloween: Danielle Harris reveals story behind incredible torso tattoo


After showing her insane ink in modeling pictures and Hatchet III, Halloween 4’s Danielle Harris is letting fans know what her side torso tattoo means.

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If you’re a fan of terror, you certainly know about the gorgeously talented Danielle Harris. First capturing the hearts of horror fans in the fourth and fifth Halloween films, the actress has since carved out a path to “Screen Queen” status. And if you know her current work, you’ll probably remember her insanely sexy torso tattoo. But do you know the story behind the incredible ink?

Here’s what the tattoo means, straight from the Among Friends director herself, courtesy of Shaun Blayer of StrangeLand Oddities:

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Man, I love when people get tattoos truly meaning something to them.

As someone who has many tattoos (mostly my ever-growing Halloween sleeve), this story makes me like Harris even more. I’ve always felt, while I’m no one’s master, people should only get things inked that truly mean something to them. Whether it an undying passion or family related, what’s the point otherwise. And Harris’s beautiful piece certainly falls in line with that logic.

The first time I saw her tat was in 2013, when the underrated Hatchet III came crashing into the horror scene. At the time, I didn’t know she had a tattoo, let alone a huge piece like that. And once I saw it, I certainly has no clue it meant female empowerment and honored of her grandmother. But after, I love Harris even more — something I thought impossible.

For the full Harris interview and more, please visit StrangeLand Oddites on YouTube.

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