Stranger Things creators respond to accusations of verbal abuse


After a former Stranger Things crew member accused the show’s creators and showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer of verbal abuse, the two have responded.

Are the Duffer Brothers no better than the Demogorgon?!

Recently, former Stranger Things crew member Peyton Brown went public on Instagram with claims of verbal abuse from Matt and Ross Duffer. Because of this, she opted not to return to work on the third season of the show. According to Brown, the Duffers had sought out and verbally abused multiple women on the set.

You can take a look at the post in question below.

Obviously, in today’s climate, accusations like this are taken very seriously. Because of the coverage the story has been getting, the Duffers have taken to Deadline to release a statement of apology. Though the brothers concede that tempers can flare on the set, they insist that they’ve done nothing wrong.

"“We are deeply upset to learn that someone felt uncomfortable on our set. Due to the high-stress nature of production, tempers occasionally get frayed, and for that, we apologize. However, we think it is important not to mischaracterize our set, where we believe strongly in treating everyone fairly regardless of gender, orientation, race, religion, or anything else. We remain totally committed to providing a safe and collaborative working environment for everyone on our productions.”"

Deadline also notes that Netflix launched an internal investigation due to these complaints, but found no evidence of any wrongdoing. That is to say that production on Season 3 of Stranger Things is expected to resume as normal, and both Duffer brothers likely won’t be facing any kind of punishment from the service.

There are two sides to every story, and usually the truth is somewhere in between. It’s not for me to say exactly what’s happened, but in any case, hopefully production on the show runs smoothly from here on out.

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Season 3 of Stranger Things is expected to premiere on Netflix sometime in 2019.