Ash vs Evil Dead: Apparently Dead or Kids — what’s the matter with them?

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Ash vs Evil Dead – Apparently Dead – Bruce Campbell -Courtesy of Starz

This week’s episode of Ash vs Evil Dead features a surprise ghost from the past, a demon in disguise and the craziest memorial service this side of Peter Dinklage’s turn in Death at a Funeral.

“This ain’t the Kroger parking lot!” – Ash Williams

Family – Sometimes You’re Stuck

Ash vs Evil Dead – Apparently Dead – Ash in plaid – Courtesy of STARZ

Rob Tapert (executive producer) says, in the behind the scenes featurette at the end, Apparently Dead is a continuation on the theme of family. It truly is. Brandy (Arielle Carver-O’Neill) is getting ready to say goodbye to her mother in the Elk Grove Chapel when in walks Ash (Bruce Campbell).

The first thing you’re struck by is his effort to look respectable for his daughter. Clad in a rather loud plaid blue sports jacket and garishly wide golden tie from the ’70s, this is a side of Ash that we haven’t seen before.

Gone are his work pants and boots, however, they are replaced in favor of slacks and a pair of awesome white loafers. It is touching but then the moment is ruined because he steals the flowers from a vase near the door and presents them to Brandy as if he purchased them off a florist.

Hey, he is trying. Brandy almost gives him a chance too. I never thought I would be moved by a man offering to “keep the seat down,” but yet I was. There is something inherently sweet about Ash trying to do right by his daughter and it gives Campbell a chance to make him a three-dimensional character.

Getting Busy in a Coffin?

Ash vs Evil Dead – Apparently Dead – Getting busy in the coffin 2 -courtesy of STARZ

When the funeral director informs Ash (the husband, for an hour and a half but lovingly) that Candy (Katrina Hobbs) has been restored, time for things to go horribly awry. Excusing himself, Ash goes into the viewing room and thus begins the craziest scene ever.

Let me tell you, if you wondered how they could top the sperm fight from last week, well, they did. Ash tangles with Deadite Candy in an enclosed coffin. Wrap your mind around that, if you can. While demon Candy is trying to make it with Ash, he is really fending her off.

Did you know that a picture frame can decapitate someone? Well, that was a “More You Know” moment courtesy of Ash vs Evil Dead for me. Very inventive way to shorten the life of a Deadite.

As Ash takes a breather with the headless corpse laying on top of him and her head to the side of him, he turns and looks at it and says, “How was that for you?” One of the best lines ever uttered by Ash in this franchise.

Of course, nothing is ever easy for this guy so when he attempts to get out of the coffin, he bonks himself on the head and the lid shuts.

Making an Entrance

Ash vs Evil Dead – Apparently Dead – Making an Entrance – Courtesy of STARZ

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Leave it to Ash because he really knows how to make an entrance. Poor Brandy is just trying to say some loving words about her Mom when the coffin starts moving. Startled, she attempts to go on with her eulogy.

The coffin moves again. This time, Ash raises the lid. Grunting loudly and yelling, “F****** hell,” he literally gets out of the casket with Candy’s head between his legs. Another stellar line, “We all grieve in our own way.”

You don’t want to laugh at this because it is horrifying and Brandy is already traumatized but Campbell is so adept and agile when it comes to physical comedy you can’t help but crack a smile.  Things are obviously not going to end well for Ash and his daughter.

She storms out and doesn’t finish the memorial service. As Ash sits in contemplation and consternation over what to do with his daughter, Ruby/Ms. Prevett (Lucy Lawless) lifts up her veil and speaks to him. He turns around and is almost ready to say that he didn’t know Candy very well when he jumps up because he sees it is Ruby.

In characteristic, “I’m so innocent” form, Ruby acts like Ash is crazy. Brandy has had just about enough of her father’s hi-jinx that she charges at him and tells him that Ruby is her guidance counselor and has been for two years. She also lets him know that she is moving out and never wants to see him again.

Ruby threatens Ash about hurting his daughter and with a protective instinct that he didn’t know he possessed, Ash growls, “Never get between a Papa Bear and his cub.”