Ash vs Evil Dead: Ratings – do other fans have to work this hard?


Ratings are in for episode 3 of Ash vs Evil Dead. It begs the question, do other fans have to work this hard for their favorite shows?

“Nothing worth having comes easy.” – Unknown

The Best Question Ever

I have been covering Ash vs Evil Dead for a while here at 1428 Elm. Occasionally, fans of the show will ask me questions. One of the best inquiries ever was posed to me on one of my articles in the comment section. “Do other fans have to work this hard for their favorite shows?”

That query seems to be prophetic in a sense. Today TV Series Finale released episode 3 ratings for Ash vs Evil Dead. Despite the fans doing their best to rally, viewership is still declining. A glimmer of hope is that it is only 6.43% difference from episode 2.

There are still some numbers to be factored in like the streaming and DVR information, which I am told typically is within 2 to 3 weeks of the episode airing. However, episode 2 drew 171,000 viewers while the most recent one, Apparently Dead only drew 160,000.

Ash vs Evil Dead – Ratings Episode 3 – Courtesy of TV Series Finale

Bruce Campbell has been saying that the bell will toll mid-month if the show will be renewed or not. So, why does it seem like the fans of the series, despite being vocal, can’t seem to gain any traction in the ratings game?

Looking at the Facts

The Walking Dead is also in a ratings slump. Fans may be annoyed with a myriad of things that have been going on with the show like slow stories, too much focus on Negan’s character and the list goes on and on. While Ash vs Evil Dead is very much a brother of the “Greg Nicotero” series, fans are still struggling to keep the interest level from waning.

What seems to be the problem? When the show premiered in 2015, everyone was praising it from here to hell and back.  After 20 years of literally begging Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert at every turn, finally hey got their wish. Everyone was enthusiastic.

The show was even renewed for a second season almost right off the bat. Life was good. Then Season 2 happened and fans were upset with the finale. There were creative differences behind the scenes and on and on.

We all know what happened with Season 3. That’s water under the bridge. Now, we are in the thick of it so to speak. The quality of the shows is top notch so why are the fans abandoning it?

Options Are Plenty

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There is such a thing as DVR, so if you like TWD you can still view it and it will count toward ratings if you view within the 3 to 7-day time frame for it to be captured with the Live +3 and Live +7 stats. We all know the issues with obtaining the STARZ app overseas so let’s just focus on the United States.

There are so many options available for people to catch this show legally if they don’t want to use STARZ directly. As a matter of fact, I wrote about it last year. However, with the plethora of choices, fans are just not embracing the current season.

The attitude is there is too much going on. We will catch it later and binge it. By then, if you wait until the end of the season, it could be too late and that isn’t drastic. I am just reiterating what everyone has been saying that’s a part of the show.

It shouldn’t be this hard for fans. They should be able to have their favorite shows renewed without a fist fight trying to get their fellow fans to watch a show that they supposedly mutually love.

If you truly want to get a fourth season for one of the best niche shows around then watch NOW, not LATER. You may not get the opportunity.

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