Ash Wednesday: Could Bruce Campbell cut an album? Well…


At a recent appearance in Glasgow on his Hail to the Chin Euro Tour, Bruce Campbell was asked if he played the piano in his Old Spice ads. As usual, his answer was highly entertaining.

“Woman you want me give me a sign and catch my breathing even closer behind.” – Duran Duran

Piano Man

Bruce Campbell was in Glasgow recently promoting his best seller ”Hail to the Chin.” During a question and answer session, a fan wanted to know if he actually played the piano for the Old Spice commercial where he crooned Duran Duran’sHungry Like the Wolf.

For those of you that may not know, in 2007, Bruce starred in two commercials that Proctor & Gamble used to promote their “Experience is Everything” campaign of the fragrance, Old Spice. The “Hungry Like the Wolf” ad, according to the Inspiration Room and Ad Week, was created by Wieden + Kennedy out of Portland, Oregon.

Here is Campbell surrounded by a gaggle of models performing a lounge style rendition of the Duran Duran classic:

Smoke and Mirrors

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The response to the gentleman’s question in the audience was riddled with Bruce’s signature wit. “I did one ad for them then they wanted another one. Then they called and said, ‘Can you play the piano and sing?’ “

“I said no and no and they said, ‘Perfect.’ So, I made the most money for something I couldn’t do in one day but they bought the smelly stuff and away we go. No, I can’t play s***, I can’t do anything.”

After all, he’s known to do a little karaoke now and then. Apparently, he has mastered some Elvis songs and somehow that’s befitting. However, this year on Ash vs Evil Dead, he got to try his hand at a Broadway show tune!

In episode 3, Apparently Dead, at the end of the show you will hear Bruce and Lucy Lawless perform the song, “Kids” from the musical Bye, Bye, Birdie. Even though Campbell is Rex Harrisoning it (talk singing like Harrison did in the movie adaptation of My Fair Lady) he’s still highly amusing.

The What If Game

Shortly after Apparently Dead ended, social media lit up with everyone talking about who did the song at the end credits. Then some fans actually began speculating on what it might be like if Bruce and Lucy cut an album.

Then Lucy took to Twitter to tell everyone about the duet and here was Bruce’s response:

We all know  Lucy can carry a tune having just come off a successful run of the musical Pleasuredome in New Zealand. While a cast album probably is not in the cards, I think fans of

Ash vs Evil Dead

would love to have more duets in the future.

Since Dana DeLorenzo is also a songstress maybe have her and Bruce do a number together. Just saying.

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See the footage from the Glasgow book signing below courtesy of Deano McInnes:

Know Bruce sang Hungry Like the Wolf? What did you think of his duet with Lucy? Feel free to share your opinions in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.