Friday the 13th’s Adrienne King explains Alice’s death in Part 2


Why was Friday the 13th final girl Alice killed off so quickly in the sequel? Adrienne King recently revealed the full story behind the decision.

One of the most iconic final girls in horror movie history is Adrienne King’s Alice Hardy. As the surviving heroine in the first Friday the 13th, it was Alice who put an end to Mrs. Voorhees’ killing spree at Camp Crystal Lake. And yet, when she came back to be in the sequel, the character took an ice pick to the brain in the film’s opening moments.

So… what gives?

Over the years, I’ve heard multiple rumors about why Alice was killed off so quickly. Some horror fans claim it was a total surprise for King when she found out she was going to be killed. Others say the actress requested to be written out of the series after a stalker began harassing her following the release of the original film. Fortunately, last weekend, King revealed to fans at a Nite Owl Theatre Q&A in Columbus, Ohio, and dove into the full story behind Alice’s death.

At least she has the “honor” of being Jason’s first kill.

Though King really did get a stalker after appearing in Friday the 13th, it had nothing to do with her character’s demise. King didn’t request to be killed off. Rather, she made herself available to producers to do whatever they needed her to, and didn’t find out until she got to the set that Alice would be dying. From the Q&A:

"“I actually said to them that I would do whatever they needed for the segue, I was theirs. And I was very happy — and I never got a script. Didn’t even get a script. Then there was a car that picked me up, and little did I know, but I get up there and the crew’s almost gone. Everybody had gone. I didn’t realize, but they had actually filmed the movie already.”"

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As it turns out, Alice’s death surprised King just as much as the rest of us. Despite the character’s sudden demise, however, she remains one of the genre’s most beloved final girls. Long live Alice Hardy!