Ghost Wars on Syfy: There’s a Ghost War in Port Moore


Join me for the final three episodes of Season 1 of the Syfy original series Ghost Wars, in which I recap the show and give my thoughts on the episode.

Episode 110, The Pain Connection

Searching for answers to questions that no one but the head on Lambda Inc wants to know, Daphne Holt (Carmel Amit), along with her goons drag one of the weird amniotic sac’s back to the lab. Inside they find the body of a townie Paolo Jones (Andrew Moxham). They begin to perform an autopsy, and suddenly his organs regenerate themselves. Seeing this as a multi-million-dollar organ transplant opportunity, Daphne starts her very own Paolo organ farm.

Reverend Dan (Vincent D’Onofrio) had seen them removing the pod and breaks in to see them growing organs. He sneaks in when the doctors leave, and only lowly staff is there, under the pretense that Paolo deserves his last rites. Possessed by the evil “whatever” Paolo comes to life and attacks the staff, then escapes. After killing much-unnamed staff, he heads straight to his wife, Karla Kowalski-Jones (Sonja Bennett). She knew he was missing but has no clue he was dead and now possessed. They make passionate love, and he leaves her with more than just a good time.

Something new is afoot.

Reverend Dan follows Sophia Moon (Sharon Taylor) into the church basement and confronts the beast within her. He gets trapped in there by the all-powerful Paolo. Aiming to save his town the Reverend sets them all ablaze.

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Episode 111, The Feast

Deputy Norm Waters (Jesse Moss), Roman Mercer (Avan Jogia), and Mayor Val (Luvia Petersen) poke through the church wreckage and find the bodies.  Now it’s up to Deputy Waters to inform Karla that Paolo is dead. When he finds her, she goes in the throws of heavy vomiting with her new offspring inside her. Deputy Waters has been madly in love with Karla since grade school and offered to stay with her and help with the baby.  The child inside her being non-human controls both their minds. The Deputy does her bidding and brings her package after package of deer meat. At least he believes it’s deer meat.

Marilyn McGrath-Dufresne (Kristin Lehman ) and her wife Val are beginning to suspect that their twin girl, Abigail (Sarah Giles), is no longer a normal child since her time in the pod. They take the twins to Lambda for testing. Sure, enough Abigail holds a giant rat in her hands until the life is sucked out of it and it dies.

Not long after Karla delivers a thing straight from hell.

Episode 112, There’s No More Room in Hell

Deputy Norm Waters has to kill the love of his life, Karla, and her demon seed. This puts him over the edge, and he gathers some like-minded people to stop Lambda. They kidnap Val, her wife, Marilyn and the twins.

While Roman Mercer is busy in the Lambda lab trying to reconstruct a meteor egg that maybe the cause of all the unrest.  When he reassembled the two sides of the egg, everyone in the room, aside from him, leave their bodies in a forced astral walk.

Norm shows up at Lambda with Val in tow calling out for Billy McGrath (Kim Coates) to get his girlfriend, Landis Barker (Kandyse McClure) to put an end to the madness. Hatching a scheme, they get Norm to enter the lab and work out a soul switch. Therefore Norm/Billy can go to the goons and free Val and twins.  In doing so, Norm/Billy races Abigail back to lab and Roman works his magic once again. This time to expel the evil spirit from inside the twin.

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